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Data Driven Performance

At Circulate we think of websites like Formula 1 cars. Each car has a driver and a team of mechanics that set the car in motion, but to get the car ahead of the competition they need data.

Our Analytics & Data services allow you to identify the areas in which your website is performing well so that you can maximise the positive impact. We’ll also identify the challenges your site is facing so that you can gear up to overcome them.

Turning Traffic Into Conversions

As well as tracking traffic and ranking data we can also identify opportunities to increase conversions using UX data. We’ll analyse heatmap technology, user video and the customer journey to ensure that you’re making the most from the traffic that your website gets.

We can feedback with UX reports and recommendations that will help you redesign and reshape your site to ensure that it delivers the sales and conversions that you need.

Custom Reporting & Data Audits

For many, data means nothing unless it’s presented in an easy to read and digest manner. At Circulate, we can deliver custom reports which outline the figures that you need as well as the explanation into what it all means.

The ability to measure success is just as important as delivering it, which is why we provide Analytics and Data Tracking as standard when we undertake any SEO campaign.

Competitive Analysis

In order to outperform the competition you need to understand them. At Circulate we have a range of data tools and analysis techniques to do just that. This allows us to formulate a plan that will leave your competition trailing in the dust.

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