All successful SEO strategies have these 5 things

All successful SEO strategies have these 5 things

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Have you ever wondered what makes businesses appear higher than others in search results? The answer is often SEO, but it’s important that your business gets it right. In this article, we run through the five main things that make an SEO strategy successful.


Whatever your business, you need to know your audience. But with SEO, what you actually need to know is how your audience searches online. Good target keywords are ones which have a solid search volume but are relevant to your business. They also need to be able to help drive conversions and you need to know that there’s a realistic chance that you’ll be able to rank for them. There are a range of tools that you can use online to help you find relevant search terms including Google’s keyword planner.


In order to maintain and grow your website and search visibility, you need a strategy. Your SEO strategy should cover improvements to all aspects of your SEO campaign and it’s vital to ensure your website continues to make progress. Aspects that your strategy will need to cover include: –

  • Technical SEO
  • Static content
  • Reactive and planned blog content creation
  • Link earning and outreach
  • Online reputation


If you take your foot off the gas with your website, the chances are that it’ll soon begin to slide down the rankings. There’s also no more spammy quick wins. Google is constantly changing its algorithm and just because your site was optimised six months ago doesn’t mean it is now. It’s important that you can commit a regular amount of time and effort into maintaining and improving your site because if you don’t you can guarantee your competitors will!

Great Content

Regular and informative content is important for different reasons because it tells customers more about what your business is about and allows you to project a positive and knowledgeable image to your target audience. It’s also important for SEO because it helps search engines understand more about what your business is about. In fact, without any content on a page Google has no idea what your business is about and therefore you won’t rank for any relevant search terms.


How do you know if your SEO campaign has been successful if you’re not measuring it? The answer is that you don’t. You need to be able to track exactly what effect each piece of work has had on the performance of your site and what effect it’s having on your revenue. Luckily, Google Analytics can help you measure all of this, but it’s also important that you know what online conversions are meaningful for your business and how you can help grow them.

SEO is an important part of any business’s digital marketing portfolio, but many don’t have the time or knowledge to deliver it successfully. That’s where Circulate can help. Our expert SEO team have built strategies for a range of businesses of many different shapes and sizes and we’re available to help yours today! Contact our team today on 0330 113 0804 or fill in our contact form.

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