Core Brand Values

Core Brand Values

Written by: Danny Daley ()
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As individuals, we each have different values, principles and standards. These help to shape many areas in our lives, such as our behaviour and how we treat others, how we process situations and make decisions.

As a business, it is important to establish core brand values for a number of reasons. Not only will this increase brand loyalty, guide employees and help to attract new clients and talent, but this will also help to provide direction in everything you do as a company. From launching a new marketing campaign to dealing with HR issues, and everything in between.

Here at Circulate, we like to be transparent with our team, our clients and fellow marketers. So we’ve compiled a list of our core brand values which are truly at the heart of everything we do.

PassionShow passion for our industry and our clients.

Passion is incredibly important in many areas of life but especially in your work life. At Circulate, we only hire people who are passionate about the work that they do. We believe that genuine passion for work helps to generate relationships, keep business strong and will keep you motivated so that you can try new things and overcome obstacles to reach your goals. Enthusiasm is contagious…pass it on!

RelationshipsBuild relationships that are so strong they are unbreakable.

Our business works because we know how to build solid relationships that go beyond just getting the job done. Communication is key to maintaining any relationship and at Circulate, we take the time to get to know our clients, their brands and their values. Clients both old and new are people who we work with every day, chat to every week and meet every month, so it’s important that those relationships are genuine and strong. The old saying rings true – treat others how you wish to be treated.

KnowledgeBe sharp as a tac.

In this industry, you need to be passionate about learning new things and be adaptable to change. The digital world is constantly evolving and technology progresses further every year. You could argue that because of this, our work will never be done! At Circulate, we believe that knowledge is power. We share our expertise with each other as well as with our clients and we are constantly looking for new ways of doing things. And if we don’t know to accomplish a certain task? We go and find out how.

FailureAlways learn and evolve.

Our Digital Director, Matt Daley, says: “If you don’t know what failure feels like, then you won’t feel success when it hits you in the face.”

We believe that taking a risk can have high rewards. We’ve had years of experience in evolving our business and our client’s campaigns and during this time we’ve learnt how to make our campaigns as efficient and effective as possible.

No Bullsh#tDon’t hold back if you believe in what you are saying.

As a team, and as an agency, we follow a transparent, no bullsh#t approach to everything we do. We take things at face value, face issues head-on, and are not afraid to give you the best advice based on our experience and data insights. That’s not to say that we’re terrible people (we’re all lovely, honest!) but if a client wants to make a decision that could impact their business negatively, we would tell them, because we want the best for their business. We know our industry and we are determined to achieve results, so we care about your business too! If we are confident in something we will back it, and each other, to the end. That’s what passion looks like!

ValueAlways demonstrate value.

This comes through a combination of maintaining strong communications and achieving results for our clients. We like to let our clients know how their results are going and are always proud to show off our work when something has a positive impact on their business. By ensuring that our clients know what we are working on, how we are doing it and what effect this is having, we build trust in our brand and services.  Demonstrating value and solidifying purpose cement together all the other values that we have built as a business.

These are our core brand values, which set the foundations of our business and are at the heart of every decision we make, client we take on, the people we hire, and how we operate, overall, as a company.

If you identify with our values and are looking for digital assistance, get in touch to find out how our services can work for your business!

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