Find out what’s got us so egg-cited at Circulate

Find out what’s got us so egg-cited at Circulate

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Cadbury’s Easter egg hunt campaign

Like we all didn’t need another excuse to eat chocolate here at Circulate, Cadbury has launched their own ‘Willy Wonka’ style competition. But instead of getting your hands on a golden ticket for a chocolate factory tour Cadbury is offering chocolate fans a chance to win up to £2000 if they purchase a limited edition white chocolate egg.

This marketing frenzy has already sent shoppers and supermarket workers alike into hysteria. As everyone seems determined to get their hands on one of the 371 limited edition white chocolate eggs.

The marketing point of view

From a marketing perspective, launching a campaign that combined one of the UK’s favourite chocolates with cash prizes was always going to be successful. Although some people may be deterred from purchasing the gooey centred treat, as they stick to their January diet. On the other hand, many other people wouldn’t say no for the chance to win some post Christmas-cash.

The campaign

Cadbury’s have brought back last year’s ‘hunting season’ campaign and this time have got the UK public involved…literally! Cadbury’s haven’t used many marketing tactics in the campaign, as so far the brand seems to be sitting back and let the hype talk for itself.

They also don’t seem to be incorporating social media into the campaign, with limited posts on each of their social media platforms. Considering how well known the Cadbury’s brand is, their marketing department probably assumed that limited marketing tactics required for the campaign to be a success.

The Circulate Approach

If Circulate had Cadbury’s as a client, we would have integrated social media much more into the campaign. Although the campaign is already interactive with the UK public, using social media would have strengthened this interaction.

Regularly posting images of the winners would have reinforced the hype of the campaign, despite the chances of winning lessening as the campaign draws to a conclusion.

Fancy upping your odds of winning?

With the odds of getting your hands on the cash being quite slim, you can increase your chances of winning with our top tip. Simply check the nutritional information on the wrapper! Instead of saying milk chocolate on the nutritional info, the wrappers on the winning eggs will say white chocolate.

The location breakdown

Are you wondering how you can get in on the gooey action? The location of the white chocolate eggs has been revealed:

  • Co-op: 1 x £2000 prize, 90 x £100 prizes
  • Sainsbury’s: 14 x £1000 prizes, 84 x £100 prizes
  • Tesco: 7 x £1000 prizes, 84 x £100 prizes
  • Independent retailers: 13 x £1000 prizes, 78 x £100 prizes

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