How PPC and SEO work together

How PPC and SEO work together

Written by: Danny Daley ()
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When approaching digital marketing, it’s important that a business understands their customers and how they use the web. SEO and PPC both come with several advantages and disadvantages. But first let’s talk about SEO.

SEO delivers organic traffic straight to your site, at a relatively low cost. Selecting targeted keywords, creates awareness through visibility in search engines, placing your business straight in front of potential customers. And once you get yourself established in these organic lists, competitors can’t buy themselves back in! And not to mention customers tend to click on organic listings, over highly placed advertisements. However, it’s difficult to achieve a high level of organic traffic overnight… and this is when PPC comes in!

Using the PPC approach creates speed! It’s the fastest way to get your new marketing message or product in front of your customers. It’s been proven that your eyes automatically are drawn to the top left of the page. And coincidentally, that’s where ads are placed on google! And these ads contain so much information, including your business location, pricing and contact details!

Another benefit of the PPC approach is targeting. It’s possible to target anything from geography, time of day, day of the week, language, device and even audience based from previous website visits. And those little ads you see on sites such as Facebook? PPC ensures to targets potential customers from research, to comparison, to the final purchase. However, PPC can be costly depending on what you’re trying to target, and requires long constant investment.

Although, using a PPC approach also provides marketing intelligence. Through a little conversation tracking through google analytics, we can determine which keywords convert, and at what percentage and cost. And this is where SEO comes back in, as we can apply these results to feed into our organic search! So testing your keyword strategy in PPC, will improve your organic strategy in the long term.

And furthermore, using SEO and PPC together will maximise visibility and clicks, as your business will appear in both results.

To conclude, an integrated approach of both SEO and PPC is the most beneficial to your business. As elements from both approaches can be tailored to suit your needs, ensure the best possible results from your digital marketing strategy.

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