How Video Enhances Our Products

How Video Enhances Our Products

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A picture speaks 1000 words, a video shouts 1.8 million!

We are living in an age where the average person spends 30% of their day living in the virtual world. Along with this, any questions or queries we may have can be answered by the device sat in our pockets or the screens in our kitchens, bedrooms or bathrooms.

It is an advertising gold mine, a direct line to potential customers young and old. All you need to do is have something that grabs them! We get bored easily; our attention span is getting less and less. We decide if we want to engage with a video by its length. So we need it short and we need it sharp. According to Dr James McQuivey of Forrester Research, a single 1-minute video speaks 1.8 million words and due to us being very lazy primates we would prefer one video, rather than read all that!

The average digital user watches 31.2 videos a month, that is 31.2 chances you have a month to advertise your products. How many people watch 31.2 videos a month you ask? 100 Million!!!!

Doing the maths that is 3 Billion 120 million videos being watched a month. Now a good amount of these are Grandma’s jumping in fright or goats falling over, however, plenty of these people are searching for advice and help on certain subjects or a product they wish to buy. Bingo!

There are plenty of blogs explaining all the fun statistics on the importance of video marketing so I shall inform you of the most important facts.

90% of consumers find video helpful when making buying decisions. Those who use video to advertise their products state that more products using video promotion sell better than those that don’t.

In short by not using video you are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity. It is important to remember that our lives are so full on and busy we do not have time to sit and read product info. By using video you will have a greater chance of engaging with a customer that originally was only browsing or watching a ‘how to video’ now they have your product in their mind and more importantly in their basket.

How? How? How?

So we have the facts, please do research more if you need too. Now we need to know how! How do we achieve it?

Firstly it is important to remember that not everyone can make marketing videos. Yes, your phone may have a 4k camera built in it, this does not instantly make you a director. There is so much that goes into a successful video we do not see and if you do not understand cinematography, narrative and film construction you could damage your product rather than promote its brilliance. Please, allow a professional to help you; it will be time and money well spent.

Ok so I have already said that we get bored, 10 seconds – that is all we have to grab the attention of a viewer before they click away. That’s not much time but it is enough. Marketing videos need to be treated like a good movie, we all like to watch our favourite films again and again. This is what we want to achieve with a marketing video. This does not mean we need an explosion or a race scene but visual effects and style can play a huge part. Fashion, calculators, apps, whatever your product may be the same applies, we need engaging content from the get-go.

Trick the viewer into watching something that appears to be nothing like an advert and the chances are they will tell their friends about this fun little video they saw. Shooting an educational or corporate training video? Become more appealing by creating cinematic engaging content. Ensure your sound is of the highest quality, you are filming on top quality equipment and most of all your video is alive and kicking, not boring and static.

Every company small or worldwide can achieve great things with variable budget sizes. Remember; we live online, use it to your advantage. Go out there and get them.

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