Matt Daley London Health Show

Matt Daley London Health Show

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Matt Daley London Health Show – Matt’s London Health Show Agenda.

I wanted to take the opportunity to put together a short piece of information about my Speaking Slot at the London Health Show on January 21st 2016.

We now live in a world where everything we do revolves around the internet in some way or another. The agenda for our talk is to run through recent evolution’s and show you how to maximise the success of your brand online through using ethical methods of optimisation. In fact, we’ve been running a test prior to the presentation which we will share with you on the day!

On the theme of success, let’s take an example from Nike’s Running App. The process is pretty simple, you go for a run and track it using the Nike GPS. It uses gamification to make you feel great about how active you are at which point you choose to share this with all of your friends and family on Social Media (I may be guilty of this).

Without realising it the general user has just increased the brand awareness of Nike subconsciously and they feel great about it too which then builds an emotional connection with the Nike Brand. We all know the theory of how happy customers are returning customers and this is an approach we all need to adapt to when building out our digital strategies.

Nike understand their customers and its not surprising to see that Nike are doing so well and are predicted to have a 27.26% Global Market Share in the Athletic Footwear market by 2020. They know that investing into their digital strategy is imperative to achieve constant growth in such a competitive market. Without having a well thought out digital strategy in place your brand will struggle to survive against competitors that are investing into digital. Our talk will run over the changes that we are seeing in the digital landscape, why mobile is so important for brand growth, our top tips on optimising your digital strategy and how we can make the web a better place and keep customers happy.

Looking forward to seeing you all on 21st January.

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