Our top tips for voice search in 2018

Our top tips for voice search in 2018

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Voice Search In A Modern World.

Voice search has opened a whole new world of opportunity within search engines, wearable technology and in the world of household devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home & Siri.

The uses for these modern methods of problem-solving can include note taking & general trivia, to educational uses, finding a good recipe to make for a Sunday Night Dinner and even helping those with disabilities such as blindness operate a mobile phone.

Now it’s been rumored that Voice may take over SEO, but we highly doubt that. None the less it is something to take note of and include in your search strategies for 2018, based on these facts:

Over 38% of adults in the UK perform at least 1 voice search per day

Over 18% of all voice searches on mobile are voice searches

Voice searches performed in Google are up more than 30x since 2008

How Do I optimise for Voice Search?

Providing a question and answer within your content is the simplest way to put it, but you need to ensure that your site is already listed on the first page for Google to put you at the front of the queue for this feature.

Other tips on helping your content rank in Voice Search includes:

Target conversational phrases in your content, questions work really well. For example ‘ Is Soya Milk Vegan friendly?’ or ‘ Who was Prime Minister of the UK in 1970?’ would be some great examples of how this can be used

Implement relevant trust factors including HTTPS (Which is a Google Ranking Factor would be some great examples of how this can be used amongst many others)

Use Schema where appropriate on your site

Ensure your site is mobile friendly, this is essential for 2018

Ensure your website is marked up correctly for search engines to crawl (Usage of H1, H2 tags, Titles etc. If these are not correctly implemented then you will have no chance of getting near the first page of search engines!)

Voice Search is the next big thing, but you will not be able to reap the benefits of this without a well-structured Search Engine Optimisation strategy in place. If you would like advice or to talk about your businesses strategies for 2018, feel free to drop us a message!

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