Seasonal Review: The Top 5 Festive Ads of 2017

Seasonal Review: The Top 5 Festive Ads of 2017

Written by: Matt Daley ()
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We cast our expert eye over this year’s campaigns

Here at Circulate we’ve all been getting really into the Christmas spirit. We’ve even been rocking around the Christmas tree! But in the marketing world, what better way is there to feel festive than binge watching all of this year’s Christmas adverts?

Everyone knows it’s Christmas when you see Santa on the Coca-Cola advert, but who is topping them in 2017? Read on to discover how we’re all rating this year’s offerings!

5. Tesco’s #EveryonesWelcome campaign

The series of adverts show a diverse range of families and people enjoying Christmas food. The tone is relatable but also sentimental. On top of that, the content shown in the series of ads is relevant and probably necessary after the tragedies that came with 2017. The campaign’s humour is endearing. We especially loved the ad featuring an elderly man flirting and handing out food in his care home. Watch one of the campaign videos here –

4. John Lewis with Moz the monster

John Lewis tell the delightful story of the friendship between a little boy named Joe and the monster that lives under his bed. Joe and Moz the monster stay up late, playing games and sharing piggybacks. After noticing the late nights are taking their toll on Joe, Moz gives his friend a night light for Christmas to help him fall asleep. But it also makes Moz disappear. This is until Joe learns to turn the light off.

Elbow’s version of Golden Field by The Beatles was an excellent song choice. Just like the previous year’s campaigns, you can buy a cuddly toy version of the adverts star in John Lewis stores with £2 from each Moz going to Bernardo’s. Watch the whole video here –

3. Asda with their the Imaginarium workshop

Asda have combined CGI animation and spectacular real life venues, to create Santa’s Willy Wonka style workshop. The advert follows a similar structure to the Willy Wonka film as a young girl and her grandfather explore the workshop together. The advert highlights the food and drink offerings available during the festive period through engaging and interesting scenes. The advert will be found humorous to Willy Wonka and Roald Dahl fans. Watch the whole video here –

2. Toys R Us with their Geoffrey the Giraffe

The 30 second animated ad focuses around a giraffe called Geoffrey who runs his own Toys ‘R’ Us store. After the reindeers get distracted by the toys in Toys R Us, Geoffrey saves the day and guides the sleigh, so Santa can deliver his presents on Christmas Eve.

This ad is really captivating towards young children due to the advanced animated graphics and the concept of a giraffe saving Christmas is pretty funny. The ad will leave children wanting their own Geoffrey the Giraffe plush toy. Which are available to purchase from Toys R Us stores. Watch the full video here –

1. Aldi with Kevin the Carrot

Budget supermarket Aldi have brought back Kevin the Carrot for another year. This year Aldi show Kevin on his mission to meet Santa while also telling the love story of Kevin with fellow carrot, Katie.

Aldi has produced a range of YouTube videos around Kevin. These include the humorous outtakes videos and the carrot audition clips, which are sure to give you a festive giggle! Like John Lewis and Toys R Us, Aldi has capitalised on Kevin and Katie the carrot. You can get your hands on a plush version for only £2.99 each, available in store. Watch the full video here –

Aldi has outshone everyone this year with their Christmas campaign. The ad really appeals to young children due to the references to the Polar Express movie and the jokes told by Kevin the carrot in his humorous high pitched voice. This clever campaign will leave children wanting their own Carrot soft toy and after pestering to visit the store, parents will be amazed by the tasty, yet affordable Christmas food offerings. Well done Aldi!

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