The Circulate Easter Egg Hunt

The Circulate Easter Egg Hunt

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The Circulate Easter Egg Hunt – Bling the Circulate Easter Bunny’s Story

In the run up to Easter, Circulate Digital’s resident rabbit, Bunny Bling, escaped out of the Circulate Digital HQ in Sheffield.

Not content with the typical bunny behaviours, such as being petted and eating carrots, Bling spent her days surrounded by talks of digital marketing, website designs and amazing ROI. This bunny longed for a greater purpose in life.

Noticing Bunny Bling’s discontent, Circulate founder Danny bestowed upon the bunny the great honour of guarding the basket containing the Circulate Golden Eggs. Inside the basket, contained 100 Golden Eggs, alongside several of Circulate’s digital prize possessions. These included a Google Home Mini, a giant golden chocolate egg and a bottle of prosecco. But the most special of them all, was an SEO Audit, containing five hours of digital marketing services and advice.

But Bling wanted more than to guard the Circulate Golden Eggs. Instead, Bunny Bling dreamed of seeing the streets of Sheffield. She longed to run freely through the Peace Gardens and go shopping on The Moor. Since being a little bunny, Bling has always been a huge Sheffield United fan. It was always her dream to visit the blades ground and get a selfie next to the statue of Derek Dooley.

Thinking about all of the times she was forced to stay in the office while the Sheffield Derby was on, Bling suddenly became overwhelmed with rage! Bling sprang up from the floor and headbutted Danny, knocking him unconscious. Bunny Bling took her opportunity for freedom and dived head first into the rabbit hole!

Bunny Bling popped up in a red phone box on Fargate. Dazed with excitement from her new found freedom, she opened the door and stepped out onto the streets of Sheffield. Bunny Bling hopped, skipped and jumped with glee, as she ran freely through the spring air. She still felt uneasy around humans and made sure her Golden Eggs were never too far away! Bunny Bling spent her afternoon riding the Sheffield Supertram, dancing along to buskers on Fargate and even managed a visit to the oldest football stadium in the world, Bramall Lane.

Bling began to notice that the humans were smiling and waving at her, with some even stopping for hugs and selfies. So Bling thought to herself, maybe humans weren’t bad after all? She knew how much the golden eggs made the humans of Circulate happy. So she thought to herself, let’s make the other humans of Sheffield just as happy by sharing out her Golden Eggs!

Bling hopped around Sheffield offices, handing out her eggs to the busy humans. Seeing how happy she was making humans, Bling’s furry heart began to thaw even more. Once she’d handed out all of her golden eggs, she knew her time in Sheffield was over. With her new found love for humans, Bunny Bling headed down Eccy road into the sunset, knowing she’d return in time for next Easter.

The Circulate Easter Egg Hunt

Thanks to the help of Bunny Bling, Circulate Digital raised £150 for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital. Inside of each of Bunny Bling’s Golden Eggs was a unique code, which once entered on automatically entered you into a prize draw. The winner of Bunny Bling’s ultimate digital prize was announced on the Circulate Digital Facebook page on 29th March.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part in the Circulate Easter Egg Hunt.


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