Valentines Day Search Trends 2018

Valentines Day Search Trends 2018

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Roses are red, violets are blue, happy valentines from the Circulate crew.

Today is Valentine’s Day and since we’re the most romantic digital agency in the UK, we thought we’d take a look what everyone’s been searching for according to Google Trends. Are you from the UK’s most romantic city? Or are you one of those people frantically Googling for a last minute cheap gift? Read on to find out more.

Romantic capital of the UK

You might think Tibshelf is only famous for its M1 service station, yet it turns out they take Valentine’s Day pretty seriously. At the time of writing, they had the highest amount of Valentine’s Day related searches per population in the UK. They were closely followed by Partington in East Yorkshire and Alton in Hampshire. So, if you live in one of these locations, congratulations, you’re one of the UK’s most romantic residents! Wales was the most romantic region of the UK and Scotland the least.

Dust off the fancy table cloth, you’re eating in

2018 is the year of the quiet Valentine’s Day indoors! Many people are shunning restaurant meals out in the local Italian in favour of microwave meal deals. Morrison’s is currently in top position, with Valentine’s Day favourites M&S in the top five.

Interestingly, thanks to a buy-one-get-one-free deal, fast food franchise Subway finds itself amongst the top queries. Could you be tucking into six inches of pleasure in the form of a Meatball Marinara this Valentine’s Day?

If you’re looking to book a restaurant, TGI Fridays is popular with passionate couples looking to get there evening off to a sizzling start. If Google Trends is anything to go by, you’d better book quick.

Tinder searches have surged

No one likes to spend Valentine’s Day alone, so it’s no surprise that people turned to Tinder. In the run up to Valentine’s Day, Google searches for the app shot through the roof! Rubery in Worcester, Newton-Le-Willows in Merseyside and Heslington in North Yorkshire were the most desperate interested. Here’s hoping all that swiping has helped people find plans in time for tonight!

Where did Cupid’s arrow fail to strike?

According to Google, the search term “I hate love” has spiked in London. Turns out a lot of people in the capital are feeling a little bitter this Valentine’s Day. In fact, the South in general had less Valentine’s related queries than the “grim” North. Don’t worry Londoners, it’s only one day a year!

Any funny search terms?

Here’s a list of Circulate’s favourite Valentine’s Day search terms:

  • ‘Valentine messages for wife’ – men are always so imaginative
  • ‘Things to write in a valentines card’ – ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’, perhaps?
  • ‘Roses are red poems’ – See our header, we have some tips on that
  • ‘What to get a boy for Valentine’s Day’ – pssst… they’ve probably forgot your present
  • ‘Last minute Valentine’s gifts’ – good luck getting that delivered in time!

So according to Google, it’s about the supermarkets and Subway this year (Wednesday’s aren’t very romantic anyway). Here’s to hoping that despite your last-minute Google search panic, you all have a lovely Valentine’s day! And for all those singletons out there this Valentine’s Day, we hope you find what you’re searching for

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