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Microsoft Bing may only account for just under 7% of the search market share, but it holds an audience that should not be ignored! Millions of people use Microsoft Bing to search everyday. Not only is Microsoft the dominant operating system for 74% of desktops, it’s also the default browser on other devices such as Amazon Kindle and Apple’s web results for Siri.

Depending on your target audience, Microsoft can be a key platform for reaching new customers. It is deemed to have a more professional and “mature” audience demographic, due to it being the default browser on Microsoft devices. Bing also accounts for one third of search queries in the United States, when you factor in voice search and Yahoo.

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Microsoft ad reporting that makes Marketing Managers live’s easier.

It’s our goal to make the lives of those we work with easier, and that’s exactly what we do. At Circulate Digital, data is at the heart of our mission and our reporting techniques reflect this. By investing in a variety of different digital tools, we can offer our clients a thorough understanding of their Microsoft PPC performance, whilst using the insights ourselves to realign your campaign to your specific needs.

When you choose to Circulate as your Microsoft PPC agency, we will create a custom reporting dashboard that tracks your data in real-time with care and accuracy. We will also offer weekly reports on our progress in performance and tasks, monthly reviews and meetings as regularly as your business requires. In our Microsoft ad reporting, we aim to offer you insights that clearly and transparently demonstrate the impact your strategy is having on your business.

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The Childrens Hospital Charity

144% increase in web donations.

Clicks increased by 320%, enabling us to drive a 1710% in utilised ad spend. Website donations also increased by 144%

Our approach to Microsoft advertising

Campaign structure.

Similar to Google Ads, we create and manage campaigns across Search, Display and Video. The structure of campaigns and the research behind this is similar to the processes we have in place across all our PPC accounts, such as keyword research, account structure, audience targeting and ad extension implementation.

A unique approach.

The execution of Microsoft Ads campaigns can differ slightly to the usual PPC campaign. With Microsoft, knowing your audience is key, and the content of your ad copy and creatives needs to reflect this. Our team of Microsoft ad experts will help identify the key areas your campaigns that need to be focused on, ultimately helping you make the most from your ad spend.

On-page optimisation.

At Circulate, we understand that Microsoft Bing puts more focus on on-page optimisation rather than link oriented web crawling, and this is reflected in our strategy around how we build our advertising campaigns. Our dedicated CRO team are the icing on top of your Microsoft ads, ensuring your pages are perfectly set up for maximum Microsoft PPC output.

Creative relevancy.

As a leading Microsoft PPC agency, we ensure keyword research and ad copy creation is relevant to your on-page content, but we also take into account that, unlike Google, Microsoft looks at social signals too. We look at all areas of your online presence, to ensure not only that we keep advertising content on brand, but that this will drive high quality traffic for excellent results.

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Why use Microsoft ads?

Microsoft Ads are a quick and effective way to get results and ensure your business is ranking for top industry search terms. It is a great tool for attracting new customers, as we work to identify the perfect user search intent for your ads to appear in front of! Our team creates captivating content to help generate clicks and convert customers, across a number of search and display networks.

Are Microsoft Ads right for my business?

No matter whether you have an e-commerce business or one that requires a lead generation approach, you can expect to see results from Microsoft PPC ads immediately. However, a timeline for your success will be outlined in your proposal with clear targets after our team of experts understand your business and your objectives.

How do you report on Microsoft PPC campaigns?

Using Google’s Data Studio, our Microsoft ad experts create an industry-leading custom reporting dashboard for your business that brings together data from Google Analytics and your chosen search channel that your ads are running on. This makes it easy to keep track of real-time progress and gives you a transparent view of how your money is being spent, clearly reflecting your ROI, goals and KPIs.

Your dedicated Microsoft PPC account manager will also provide weekly email updates, monthly reports and scheduled online catch-ups for clear communication between our teams.

How detailed are your Microsoft ad audits?

Our experts look at everything from the keywords you’re using to how powerful your copy is. They also take a deep dive into who your ads are really targeting and the structure of your campaigns in order to come up with the ultimate Microsoft ad campaign for optimal results for your business.

Do you offer other services?

As an award-winning digital marketing agency, we offer a range of digital marketing services. Alongside paid search, we offer Paid Social, SEO, content creation, PR & outreach and comprehensive data insight services for you to dominate the landscape in which you operate.

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Instantly place your brand in front of users across the web.

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Paid Social

Accelerate brand growth through hyper-targeted social media ads.

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Captivate audiences to drive higher levels of clicks and conversions.

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Maximise conversion rates through your digital marketing activity.

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Attract organic traffic through integrated organic search.

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