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We’re an award-winning Search Ads Agency with a proven track record of success. Improve your Search ROI with Circulate.

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Paid Search is the quickest and most efficient way to get your eCommerce brand ranking across search engine result pages. The beauty of paid search, is the intent is already there with your audience! Text ads appear off the back of a quick online search, and are a lower funnel way of advertising, in comparison to display ads and paid social.

When your organic ranking alone isn’t bringing in enough traffic, utilising paid search can help you reach the top of the results page in an instant.

Search ads are a cost effective way to generate website traffic, and provide more qualified leads. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad and we work in line with your budgets, towards your revenue goals.


A cost-effective way to generate website traffic, and provide more qualified leads for eCommerce brands.

Amazon advertising ensures your products catch the eye of consumers when browsing across the Amazon marketplace.

Microsoft can be a key platform for reaching new customers. Improve your Microsoft ROI with Circulate.

Childrens Hospital Charity

144% increase in web donations through PPC campaigns


It’s our goal to make the lives of eCommerce and marketing manager’s easier, and that’s exactly what we do. At Circulate Digital, data is at the heart of our mission and our reporting techniques reflect this by clearly demonstrating your KPIs.

When you choose to work with Circulate as your adwords agency, our experts create a custom reporting dashboard that tracks your data in real-time with care and accuracy. We will also offer weekly reports on our progress in performance and tasks, monthly reviews and meetings as regularly as your business requires.

As a leading search ads agency, we invest in a variety of different tools that clearly reflect campaign performance, we always offer our clients a thorough understanding of their PPC performance, whichever channel they use, whilst using the insights ourselves to ensure all campaigns live up to their true potential.


Strategic planning.

Through thorough research and strategic planning, our team of search ads experts work smart to execute highly targeted campaigns built purposely to suit your business objectives. From the chosen keywords and match types, to the device your audience is searching on, alongside their location, we help you reach the right audience at the optimal time.

Clickable ads.

To guarantee your ads are in the top results for the relevant search queries, we create clickable ads with concise and creative messaging. Search ads are all about obtaining high-intent clicks, and as a digital ads agency that captivates audiences, that’s exactly what our team of search ads experts do.

Optimising the ad space.

As a leading adwords agency, our search ads optimise the ad space by ensuring we use all relevant ad extensions. This ultimately helps to get the most out of your budget and achieves maximum exposure in the ad auctions.

Continuous optimisation.

With continuous analysis and account optimisations, we stay on top of your campaign at all times to ensure your search ad budgets go further. In an ever changing market, you can rest assured that your chosen account manager will stay up to speed with all the latest trends and best practices.

A/B testing.

As an award-winning search ads agency, we use A/B testing to make sure that we are using the most effective approach to reach your target audience. Whether that be through RSA ad copy, landing page testing, or adapting our strategy in certain circumstances to test new approaches.

Making the lives of eCommerce & Marketing Managers easier since 2014.


Why use Paid Search?

Paid Search is a quick and effective way to get results through your business ranking for top industry search terms. Search ads are a great tool for attracting new customers, as the search intent is already there! Our team creates captivating content to help generate clicks and convert customers, across search and display networks.


What Paid Search channels should I use?

Our team of experts will help you to discover which search networks and channels are best suited for your business. We look into your customer’s search habits and demographics to find the right platform and placement for your ads.

What makes Circulate different as Paid Search agency?

No matter whether you have an eCommerce business or one that requires a lead generation approach, you can expect to see paid search results immediately. However, a timeline for your success will be outlined in your proposal with clear targets after our team of experts understand your business and your objectives.

How do you report on Paid Search campaigns?

Using Google’s Data Studio, our paid search experts create an industry-leading custom reporting dashboard for your business that brings together data from Google Analytics and your chosen search channel that your ads are running on. This makes it easy to keep track of real-time progress and gives you a transparent view of how your money is being spent, clearly reflecting your ROI, goals and KPIs.

Your dedicated account manager will also provide weekly email updates, monthly reports and scheduled online catch-ups for clear communication between our teams.

How detailed are your Paid Search audits?

Our search ads experts look at everything – from the keywords you’re using to how powerful your copy is. They also take a deep dive into who your ads are really targeting and the structure of your campaigns in order to come up with the ultimate paid search campaign for optimal results for your business.