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Potential September 2020 Google Search Update?

  • Google Algorithm Updates
  • SEO
  • 24th Sep 2020
  • Read time: 1MIN
  • Written by Jack Salmon

September 2020 Google Algorithm Update

Whilst analysing client accounts in our automated tracking tools, the team at Circulate have noticed a degree of volatility in search engines results pages. Is this the early sign of a Google Search Algorithm update in September? 

Naturally, we took to Google to find that the broader SEO community are also recognising fluctuations within ranking positions – particularly on mobile platforms. Certain individuals in the SEO landscape are noticing severe dips in website traffic; but for us, this isn’t the case. 

After digging a little deeper into exactly what has changed following the update, it seems that Google is working harder to crawl and index fresh content. See the screenshots below. 






Although the parameters of the potential September Google update are not yet clearly defined, this could cause a significant shift in organic ranking positions. If you have recently optimised your website’s pages with your targeted keywords and search terms, you are likely to see a positive impact from this potential Google update. 

Team Circulate are closely monitoring the situation so we can provide more updates at a later stage. Keep a tab open on this page for more information.

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