A new website with a streamlined user experience

The brief

The brief from abc ivf was to create a new website to show off the new brand and work hard as a lead generation platform with initial consultation enquiries.

With their new friendly and trustworthy branding in place it was important to carry this across the on-site user experience.

We also needed to provide a detailed explanation of the ivf process whilst still keeping the user journey engaging across all devices.

Mobile friendly experience

Every website that is designed & built at Circulate is always mobile responsive however there still needs to be a clearly defined user journey across all devices.

We undertook user experience testing sessions during the wireframe and visual design stages of the project eliminating any content that wasn’t necessary depending on the device.

This then allowed us to use a mobile first approach for abc ivf to ensure that all of the relevant information was still accessible on smaller screens

Engaging design that generates leads

Choosing the correct colours for the website was key to the look and feel along with font sizes and weights across the site.

The combination of colours used within banners & call to action buttons resulted in the website having a clear and engaging user journey from the home page all the way through to the booking forms.

We even added in branded graphs, tables & iconography to help inform customers of how the abc ivf processes & pricing compared to their competition.

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