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100% Website Health

Our Objectives

BeFries got in touch with us to help them with the launch of their website. After having huge success in Brighton and surrounding areas, BeFries decided to take the endeavour online, selling their sauces all across the UK.

To ensure the website had a successful launch, we began our strategy with an in-depth UX audit.

Doing this allowed us to find any potential pitfalls with the user journey that could lead to people abandoning the website or checkout process. Once we had optimised the website journey, it was time to run a full technical SEO audit to ensure all best practices are adhered to, giving a greater possibility of increased search visibility and rankings.

100% Health

Using our specialised tools, knowledge and experience, we were able to fix, update and optimise all elements of the website, giving BeFries a best practice site health of 100%.

Sauce Range

We are continuing to work with BeFries to market their unique range of sauces.

“Since working with Circulate, we’ve seen a direct correlation to a massive growth in sales. We’re really looking forward to continuing the relationship and seeing how big we can grow.”

Chan Beevers, Co-Founder, BeFries

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