Courier Exchange

Completely tailored Microsite & Icon Set

Project objectives

We were tasked to create Courier Exchange a tailored, on brand, fully mobile responsive microsite & icon set to help market their new mobile app.

Custom Icon Set

We created Courier Exchange a custom icon set to fit within their new brand style guidelines and to help bring the microsite to life.

We also enhanced the existing logo so to improve its visibility when used online. The icons have been designed using vector graphics so that they can be scaled up or down without suffering any pixelation.

An optimised mobile experience

Due to the main purpose of the microsite advertising a mobile app, it was important that the mobile experience was still able to demonstrate the apps functionality.

We used a similar structure to the desktop version however implemented a touch-scroll experience so that users could still get gather information about the different functions that the app has to offer.

Customised animations & styling

We used the Courier Exchange online style guide which has been applied to their main website however were asked to enhance this using modern graphics and styling.

We applied some new geometrical textures to match the design of the app along with the use of custom animations to help bring the microsite to life allowing the content to flow.

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