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Frontier Energy

Daniel Davidson | CEO

"Frontier is growing by working with Circulate. They quickly got their head around how to promote our new Membership program to senior energy leaders around the globe. They are analytical, yet creative and have gone the extra mile to prove themselves"

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The Brief

Our objective was to ensure the fantastic work Frontier do within the energy sector inspires as many people in the industry to connect, collaborate and develop towards a cleaner planet for the next generation.

A worldwide pandemic meant in-person events were a no-go for Frontier Energy, our network-building client, so we set the objectives of driving ticket sales to online events during periods of lockdown. Even though we faced a difficult challenge, the team at Circulate made it our ultimate priority to get more membership sign-ups than ever before.

Our Strategy

Following in-depth industry and competitor research, our skilled paid media professionals dived into audience analysis and identified the perfect customer avatars. Based on the benefits of Linkedin as a platform, our advertising team decided that LinkedIn would be the perfect place to target the particular professionals that would be interested in our client’s offering. We then set out to build laser-targeted ads that have since generated really impressive results.

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With the event sold out, it's safe to say that Circulate delivered

With the right targeting in place, our Linkedin ad campaigns resulted in massive ad engagement and 242 quality leads throughout 2021 for our client.

Results continued to improve throughout 2021 and beyond as the team solidified and optimised the strategy, resulting in an impressive 68.72% increase in website users and a 43.62% increase in website sessions for our client.


High quality leads


Of tickets sold

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