322% Increase in traffic through PPC

The Children's Hospital Charity
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The results

The results we drove for The Children’s Hospital have had a significant influx on the overall amount of online donations they receive – ultimately helping the charity continue to provide for ill and vulnerable children.

After the restructure, we saw significant growth in comparison to the previous period. Clicks increased by 320%, enabling us to drive a 1710% in utilised ad spend. Website donations also increased by 144% – all from free website traffic!


Increase in traffic


Increase in web donations

Caitlin Hallatt | Marketing Manager

"Circulate have helped us to use our Google grant to create targeted digital advertising and worked hard to help us maximise this at a time when digital was the only option! We have regular catch ups and working with the team is really easy, they are really supportive and work hard to help us reach our goals."

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The Brief

The Children’s Hospital Charity has a grant account for their Google ads, which opens up challenges due to the fact that you are then limited on how much you can bid for each keyword.

This can significantly limit visibility for certain keywords, creating a consistent issue in the ad account and stopping us from driving enough traffic. Similarly, there were also a few gaps in our keyword list, which meant that we were missing relevant opportunities to show our ads.

Our Strategy

To combat the challenges we were experiencing, we started a fresh and completely restructured the ad account. This meant rebuilding our keyword list to make sure that we had all relevant opportunities covered. As an example, we began including keywords around ‘will gifts’, ‘charity donations’ and ‘charity events’ to make sure we had all bases covered.

We also tested our Google smart bidding strategies, which is a form of automated keyword bidding, that enabled us to bypass the bidding limits imposed by Google.