Website Design, Branding & Photography for a local charity

The Manor Gym is a Brighton based charity that provide many activities from their sports centre to the local community.

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Their previous branding was in need of a refresh and the website was out of date and difficult to manage. We put together a brand package for The Manor including a logo, colour palette and custom icon set. This was then used across the new website to give them a fun, friendly and welcoming user experience for their members.

The website was built on our content management system, amana to keep the process of updating the website nice and simple. This also allowed us to build a custom timetable so that the classes could be populated on a weekly basis.

We are proud to be a sponsor of our local charity and feel really pleased that we have had the opportunity to help them out with this project. Our team is now continuing to support the Manor with their new website along with training on how to keep their content updated across social media.