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Remote Working During The CoronaVirus/COVID-19 Outbreak

  • COVID-19
  • 21st Jan 2020
  • Read time:
  • Written by Jack Salmon

Working At Full Capacity During COVID-19

As you will know, the ‘COVID-19’ virus is having an impact on the entire world right now, and many of us are facing a significant threat to our health, wellbeing and usual way of life. To combat this contagious virus, the majority of countries across the globe have now put extreme measures in place in a bid to save lives. During this unfortunate and uncertain period, Circulate felt it was our duty to give you an update as to our current strategy to keep us and the general public safe.

The UK has now decided to follow suit from the likes of Italy, the Netherlands and Spain who have been left devastated by the Coronavirus in recent weeks. This has resulted in our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, enforcing more lawful terms to limit the spread of the Coronavirus.

To protect our staff, family, friends and general members of the public during this pandemic; Circulate Digital are strictly following the self-isolation rules that have been recently enforced by the government. Our team has taken precautionary measures ever since the dangers of this disease became apparent in previous weeks.

All members of the Circulate team, in both the UK and Barcelona, are currently self-isolating and working from home. Luckily, our members of staff have been able to transport their daily work stations to a safe place to continue in a ‘business as usual’ approach. All scheduled business trips in the foreseeable future have also been cancelled until further notice. They will be rearranged once it is safe again to do so.

Many businesses have been sadly forced to close; creating uncertainties for their staff, finances and future. Although this is somewhat a devastating measure, these are sacrifices that must be taken to ensure the UK gets over this as quickly as possible, saving lives in the process.

Fortunately, Circulate is currently operating at full capacity, doing everything in our power to help drive our clients through these tough times. We understand the impact of the current climate on businesses, the economy and livelihoods and wanted to reassure you that although we are currently operating; it is in an entirely safe and vigilant manner.

Are there implications to working from home?

Working from home can be damaging in the fact that it takes you out of your usual routine and flips it upside down. So technically, it’s more than just being out of your usual space in the office. The implications, however, surround routine and regularities, rather than focusing on work and meeting deadlines as we are luckily still able to do.

The lack of commute is great to prevent the spread of coronavirus but it also removes a key motivational commitment from the day in hand. For many of us having to travel to work kickstarts the day, giving us fresh air and much-needed exercise to start the day right. Instead, we’re effectively waking up at work with going outdoors pretty much a no go.

What are we doing differently?

Instead of the usual in-office communication, we are now using Google Hangouts and Slack to liaise between members of our team. Google Hangouts is great for video call meetings throughout the day; both with the team and clients also. This ensures everything is running smoothly for both ourselves and our clients. But it’s also a great way to maintain morale levels within the team.

Slack is best utilised for 1-to-1 calls and text communication. For example, we can input messages into client channels but also be able to communicate freely between one another by call or text. Client focused, campaign-related performance and information is therefore easily presented across the entire team.

We refuse to let lack of face to face communication get in our way… hence the constant video calls between the team. All of our work is digital… obviously! So we rely on other services like Google Docs, Basecamp, Timely and many more to work just like we would in the office. Being able to strategise and host meetings remotely from home is just as easy and it helps keep productivity high.

Our team is passionate and dedicated to their tasks at hand. Although they’re in their own environment with home comfort, they’re still driven to strain the best results out for all clients across the board. We understand the importance of helping our clients survive the effects of COVID-19 and so we’re working harder than ever to make sure they come out the other end of this pandemic as strong as ever.

Surviving The Isolation!

Right, so now you know what it’s like working from home… but you need to know how to survive this ‘COVID-19’ isolation too! No… it’s not just a case of singing Happy Birthday whilst washing your hands.

Coronavirus Isolation Top Tips

Start your day right: To help prevent a lack of productivity you should start the day by getting out of bed at the same time, as usual, get dressed and do some simple exercises around the house or even have a walk around the garden.

Don’t forget your health: It’s very easy to lose track of time when you’re stuck into tasks working from home so it’s important to set alarms, take breaks and remember to eat and drink plenty to carry you through the day.

Keep fresh air coming in: Yes, coronavirus might be airborne but it’s not stopping you having windows on the latch. Fresh air helps to keep you awake and alert, but most of all it allows you to circulate clean air into your home.

Treat It Like The Office: To keep productivity high it’s important that you treat your home like it’s the office during working hours. Sticking to the same breaks, rules and regulations as you normally would in the workplace.

Don’t let distractions stay: If there’s something bothering you and it’s hindering your productivity then sort it! It’s better not to ignore things like your partner asking a question, children running wild or the doorbell ringing. It’s part of adapting to your new surroundings working from home. If you can’t accept these distractions you’ll find yourself out of focus all the time!

How Do We Get The Job Done?

Working from home is the only option for us right now. Luckily, if you’re in a position like us with plenty of communication’s technology and software to get the job done – we are still able to provide a full service to our clients.

Due to all of our tools and services being online nothing goes unaccounted for during this remote working period. Our Paid Media team use Facebook Ads and Google AdWords to carry out campaigns for clients across Google, Facebook and Instagram. These platforms are also supported with background work being done using tools like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Analytics and much more!

Our SEO team uses systems like WordPress, SEMRush and Content King along with some of Google’s services too, just like the Paid Media team. We use so many tools that we would be here forever listing them all, but what’s important is that we still have access to everything from home.

Fortunately, for premium PPC, SEO, Paid Social and UX services… all you need is a laptop, specific online marketing tools and expert like wisdom… and we have that in abundance!

Some Of Our At-Home Workspaces!

Some of the team have taken interior inspiration right from the office. Take a moment to check out our lovely little workspaces for the coming weeks. If you need any marketing help or assistance during this unfortunate crisis, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we can gladly assist you. But most importantly, keep yourself, your family and those around you safe by listening to government guidance and self-isolating.


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