Paid Media

Paid Media is one of the quickest ways to put your website in front of potential customers

What is Paid Media?

Using targeted keywords and sophisticated bidding strategies you can unlock a market that it takes other businesses years to crack.

The best Google Ads campaigns are structured well from the outset in a manner that helps them grow and evolve. Whilst your campaigns are running, they’ll go through a constant cycle of optimisation and improvement. The aim is to deliver more clicks with more potential, but at a lower Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

NHS Trust Website conversions increased by 256%

Working with a limited budget we created hyper specific Google Ad campaigns focused on exact regions and keywords.

This, combined with our PPC management processes, allowed us to ensure the NHS Foundation Trust received the best possible results from their investment.

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  • PPC

    Pay Per Click (PPC) enables you to appear for searches that you may not rank for organically. It produces a high ROI as you only pay when someone clicks your Ad.
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  • Display

    Enables you to share your message on other peoples’ websites via image and video banner ads. Target audiences by location, demographic and interests.
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  • Re-marketing

    Getting visitors to your website is just the first step - don’t let them forget about you by remarketing to them with tailored messaging.
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  • Paid Social

    On-Site SEO is the optimisation of content and metadata. It is essential in helping search engines and users identify a webpage which is relevant to their search terms.
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