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As an industry leading Paid Social Agency we always strive to innovate in any activity that we undertake.

We’ll fully understand your brand and your customers to deliver a paid social campaign that converts and achieves greater levels of brand awareness online.

Unlike any other digital channel, Paid Social is incredibly measurable and much easier to demonstrate return on investment and overall success. Let Circulate show you how.

What is Paid Social?

Paid social is a way of amplifying your message to users on social networking websites such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

In simple terms, this means promoting your business message out to your current or prospective customers in order to generate more online revenue or leads.

Why use Paid Social

Paid social can become your ultimate way of connecting with new customers online whether you’re operating in a B2C or B2B market space.

Paid social also fits in with the rest of your marketing strategy and can help you to get customers over the line through clever remarketing tactics by displaying relevant messaging to users that have already been on your website and reached a certain touch point.

Let's not waste your time.

Your content, targeting and campaign setup needs to be strong and we can work with you to ensure that not wasting your time and money on setting up campaigns that simply don’t work. We’ve tried every trick in the book and know how to successfully execute paid social campaigns online.

We’re confident that paid social can work for ANY business no matter what industry you’re in and its all about the execution of your campaigns. We have some very impressive experience to demonstrate this and can help you to position yourself on social media to grow your revenue or new leads through paid social.

Circulate Generates 775% ROI on Black Friday sale for AYM.

We planned and executed a Black Friday promotion for AYM and achieved a campaign average of 775% ROI.

Using our tailored approach we ensured that each placement had targeted messaging and was shown to the right audience depending on where they got to in the purchase cycle.

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£1,200 +VAT / Month


✪ Weekly Update Email
✪ Bi-Weekly Update Call
✪ Monthly Data Studio Report
✪ Customised growth plan
✪ Campaign funnels for Facebook & Instagram
✪ Google Tag Manager Management
✪ Campaign tracking implementation

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£2,500 +VAT / Month


✪ Weekly Update Email
✪ Weekly Update Call
✪ Monthly consultancy/training
✪ Quarterly Face to Face Meeting
✪ 24/7 reporting dashboard
✪ Customised growth plan
✪ Visual analytics
✪ Advanced campaign funnels for Facebook & Instagram
✪ Google Tag Manager Management
✪ Campaign tracking implementation

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Our enterprise package contains all of the SME’s package details as well as further customised strategies for your business objectives

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