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As an industry leading PPC Agency we always strive to innovate in any activity that we undertake. We’ll fully understand your brand and your customers to deliver a paid search campaign that converts.

We’re a fully certified Google Partner PPC Agency in Brighton and Sheffield. All of our campaigns utilise best practice PPC methods and constantly evolving strategies that continue to convert and improve.

Unlike any other digital channel, Paid Search is incredibly measurable and much easier to demonstrate return on investment and overall success. Let Circulate show you how.

What is PPC?

Paid Search is one of the quickest ways to put your website in front of potential customers.

Using targeted keywords and sophisticated bidding strategies you can unlock a market that it takes other businesses years to crack.

The best Google Adwords campaigns are structured well from the outset in a manner that helps them grow and evolve. Whilst your campaigns are running, they’ll go through a constant cycle of optimisation and improvement. The aim is to deliver more clicks with more potential, but at a lower CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).

Who Needs It?

Our PPC campaigns are built to drive efficiency and ROI based on your online objectives and end goals.

If you are looking to grow your business online and you need to be visible to users searching directly for a product or service then Paid Search will work for you.

A clever Google Adwords strategy will put your business in front of your target audience when they need you the most.

PPC Case Study : Fetish.com

In 2017 we helped Fetish.com to achieve their strategic objective of 45,000 sign ups via PPC.

We took their CPA from over €10 per sign up in June 2017 to €4.37 in January 2018. Our strategy on the campaign was to avoid wastage of spend via a more robust campaign structure in a booming and competitive industry, showing that we can excel in any given sector!

Read the case study

Our Tailored Approach

Circulate have delivered effective PPC campaigns across a range of industries. Our success is built upon an effective four-step method.




Post Click

Your Audience

We can open your brand up to relevant new audiences online. Making sure that we target the correct keywords by match type helps us to drive traffic to your campaigns.

We look to ensure that your brand is attracting the right type of customers and aim to improve the relevancy and quality of your pay per click advertising campaigns when setting out.

We achieve this by assessing how relevant and effective your keywords and ad copy are and whether these are in-line with your business goals. We constantly monitor your campaigns to grow real ROI and avoid wastage of spend.


Efficiency is what makes our PPC campaigns so great. We look at how your PPC advertising budget is being spent and whether or not you are achieving your business goals on each campaign.

Our aim is to ensure that your account is running as efficient as possible. This helps us maximise success and drive the conversions that help your business grow.

By working with Circulate, you can be confident that we’re a digital marketing agency that knows how to deliver

PPC – Sheffield, Brighton & Barcelona

If you’re looking to leapfrog your competitors through search engine advertising then contact our PPC Agency in Brighton or Sheffield. Arrange a meeting and we’ll be able to demonstrate the potential that Paid Search holds for your business.

With a wealth of experience, our team will explain how we can make your business more money online. Our Brighton and Sheffield PPC team are a friendly bunch, so fill out the form below or call them on 0330 113 0804.

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