Continue to engage with your customers, even when they have left your website

What is Re-Marketing?

Remarketing Ads are a variation of Display adverts shown on other people’s websites or Apps. As the name suggests they allow you to re-market to your audience. Made from text, images or videos, remarketing Ads are shown to people who have visited certain pages or completed certain actions on your website.

Many digital advertising platforms allow you to create remarketing campaigns. Here at Circulate we’re experienced in setting up and managing remarketing campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and through content syndication networks such as Outbrain or Taboola.

Don't let them get away

Of all the people that visit your website, how many actually become a customer? The answer is usually something between 1-3% of visitors. So what happens to the other 99%? Do you let them leave and forget about you?

Not on our watch. We build targeted remarketing campaigns for our clients that deliver the right message to their website visitors based on the pages they viewed and the actions they took. This allows us to usefully remind them of your products or services and allow them to easily continue their journey on your website, nudging them down the sales funnel from consideration to customer or even repeat customer.

Who needs it?

Remarketing works for everybody whether you’re B2C or B2B, sell physical products or consultancy services. Here are a few examples where remarketing can boost your sales:

Abandoned basket remarketing – remind customers of products they’ve added to their basket but not bought. Upsell remarketing – show customers products that work well with what they’ve just bought. Useful information remarketing – if your visitors have spent time reading a particular article share with them the next piece of useful information you have like a white paper or how to guide. Email address remarketing – leverage more from your database by showing Ads to email address owners when they are logged in.

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    Enables you to share your message on other peoples’ websites via image and video banner ads. Target audiences by location, demographic and interests.
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    Pay Per Click (PPC) enables you to appear for searches that you may not rank for organically. It produces a high ROI as you only pay when someone clicks your Ad.
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