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What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the leading Content Management Systems (CMS) in the world. With its ease of use, customisation abilities and fast speeds, its the top choice for everyone involved.

If you’re looking to build a brand new website, or rebuild your current one, migrating to WordPress is definitely the best way forward. It ticks all the boxes from an SEO perspective, User Experience perspective and from an internal management perspective.

Why is Wordpress so good?

From a marketing perspective, WordPress makes it incredibly easy to manage your content, create new pages and is optimised for all of the technical aspects that are so often overlooked.

Using WordPress, you can get your dream website, for your dream price. Due to the ease and customisation capabilities, your perfect website can be built for a fraction of the price of a custom-built one.

How Circulate can help

Our in-house developers have extensive knowledge of building WordPress websites of all sizes. No matter how much customisation is needed, we can craft your perfect website with all the functionality that’s needed.

What’s more, when you have your website developed by Circulate, we work very closely internally to make sure that your website is fully optimised by the time it launches, making sure you have the chances possible to rank as highly as you can.

Let’s get started

  • CRO

    Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) involves understanding how visitors use your site, the actions they take and what is stopping them from converting.
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  • Shopify Builds

    Shopify is the market leading eCommerce CMS for many reasons. Our team have years of expertise in building stunning Shopify websites for our clients.
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  • UX Audits

    User Experience Audits (UX Audit) are a great way to pinpoint areas of improvement by identifying issues that affect your users and your conversion rate.
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