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What is Web Development?

A website is more than just a front-end, administrators and editors require certain functionality within the back-end and external integrations are often needed.

It's no good having a website that looks spectacular if the code behind the scenes is a mess. Our developers are even involved throughout the web design process, ensuring that what is designed is deliverable and no time is wasted on the project.

Our tailored approach

Our developers work in an agile methodology, breaking down the development of the website into tasks. Tasks will then be worked on until they are completed and then tested.

Full visibility of the tasks and their progress is available on our Project Management system, with scheduled updates given on a weekly phone call.

We use source control to keep a version of the website's code safe and secure. After each task is complete, a new version of the code is saved.

Website maintenance

Websites need to be online 24/7 365 days of the year. If your website starts to become unreliable with extended downtime. Not only will your visitors leave, but search engines will too.

A second pair of eyes are always useful. So we monitor your website’s uptime, whether we are hosting it or not.

Site speed monitoring

Site speed is an ever important factor, not just for your website visitors and the user experience, but for search engines too.

Nearly half of web users expect a website to load within 2 seconds or less and will leave if it’s not loaded within 3 seconds.

To help keep your website speedy and your visitors happy, we regularly check the site speed across your main landing pages on the website.

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