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Circulate Digital are hosting a 24 hour racing simulator event in order to raise money to help provide for children at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Why Sheffield Children’s Hospital?

Circulate Digital are raising money for The Children’s Hospital Charity as Sheffield Children’s Hospital is one of only four dedicated hospital trusts in the UK that provides fully integrated healthcare for children.

The charity changes the lives of children across the UK and beyond every day by providing numerous sectors of medical help. Sheffield Children’s Hospital serves over 277,000 young patients every year – the equivalent of 40% of Sheffield’s entire population.

Circulate Digital also have an emotional connection with the charity as they provided for Circulate’s co-founder Danny Daley in a desperate time of need. One of Danny’s newborn twins was rushed into Sheffield Children’s Hospital with a suspected twisted stomach at only a couple of weeks old. Danny was blown away by the level of service, care and reassurance that he received from staff throughout his daughters stay. This is the reason we want to give back – to help provide for other families in similar situations.

Our Goal

It is our goal to raise £15k within a year for Sheffield Children’s Hospital to help the charity maintain a comfortable environment for both children and their families. If we reach or exceed our target, the money can be used to purchase specialist equipment that poorly children desperately rely on to improve their health.

Looking beyond fundraising, we also want to make a memorable charity event that all attendees will find enthusiastic, entertaining and enjoyable. The Circulate team would love to make this event an annual reoccurrence to provide money year on year for charitable causes.

Our Plan

Circulate Digital are hosting a 24 hour ‘le mans’ style racing simulator event in which local businesses can purchase a one hour slot for £100. The team with the most laps will win a pair of tickets to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in the summer of 2020.

The event will take place on the 27th September, from 9am Friday morning to 9am Saturday morning, in the Electric Works conference room. If you would like a prime time slot, then book now to avoid disappointment as we are serving on a first come, first serve basis. Come and have a go if you think you’re fast enough!

Alternatively, please donate to help us achieve our target via our JustGiving page –  We will also be selling merchandise and asking for cash donations at the various different stages of the event.

Event Stages

Wednesday 25th September (18:00-20:30) – PR event with local stakeholders: everyone is welcome to attend the Circulate office for drinks, snacks and to practice on the simulator. This gives a great opportunity to learn more about the event, The Children’s Hospital Charity and to network amongst local businesses.

Friday 27th September (9am – 24 hour event) – Race day! General friendly feel environment where everyone can network and get to know one another (particularly Electric Works residents). A one hour slot can be purchased for £100 to squeeze in as many laps around the Silverstone track as possible – please note there are no limits to employee participation.

The business with the most laps wins two tickets to F1 Silverstone at the British Grand Prix in July 2020. Runners up both receive four tickets to ‘Escape Rooms’ with an accompanying bottle of Prosecco. Do however hesitate from spraying this violently around the Electric Works if you find yourself on the winning podium!

Friday 11th October (3pm – 5pm) – Grand reveal for the event winners and the amount of money raised for The Children’s Hospital Charity. All businesses will be encouraged to do a small elevator pitch to discuss their services and how they helped raise money for this great cause. We want all of those who were involved in the previous stages to attend and celebrate with a few drinks and a final opportunity to network.

If you have any queries about the event or would like to purchase a one hour slot, please contact [email protected]