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Regular innovation allows us access to new advertising tools to simplify and streamline your paid search engine marketing campaigns. Check out some of the PPC tools below that can take out some of the heavy lifting needed for the success of your PPC efforts. 


Your Automation Arsenal.


Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)

“I didn’t even think of that!”

Dynamic search ads (DSAs) are a fantastic way to capture the traffic from searches you may not have considered already.

DSA campaigns don’t require PPC keywords or ad headlines and are capable of showing based on the content used across your website. 


Are they magic?

Dynamic search ads are a fantastic way to automate your paid search. Google will crawl your site and then match with search terms that are closely related to the key terms and phrases used across your website. 

From that point, the headline and landing page are dynamically generated to match the search term to keep it as relevant to the user’s search as possible. So I guess they are pretty close to being magic…


Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI)

Ensuring your ads are always relevant.

With dynamic keyword insertion, you can customize your ads to automatically include the keyword that matches the searcher’s query.

For example, you can show people who search for “couches” the word couches, people who search for “leather couches” leather couches, and so on, without having to write new ads for each.


Great! Where do I start?

The code to use DKI is simply formatted as {KeyWord: *Your Phrase*}, which you can add into your ad text while writing ad copy. 

The *Your Phase* section ensures that If a user’s search term is too long to fit within the character limit, Google will automatically insert the text you include within the keyword insertion code.


Countdown Customisers

“Just 3 days left to buy your tickets!”

Countdowns make it easy to turn up the heat for a sense of urgency across your ads. By showing the time left until a sale ends or an event starts, you have the power to create a real sense of urgency for potential customers, making it easier to generate leads after pushing them down the conversion funnel

You can insert the countdown feature into a headline, description or path within responsive search and text ads. This nifty feature will automatically countdown the days, hours and minutes until the end of your set offer.


How do I use Countdown Customisers?

Similarly to Dynamic Keyword Insertion, you can get the Countdown setup tool to appear by using a brace “{“ in the area of text ad you want the countdown time to be inserted. 

E.g. Countdown syntax: {=COUNTDOWN(“yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss”,”language”,daysBefore)}.


IF functions

What would I do IF these functions weren’t around?

With IF functions, you can tailor your ad copy to apply when certain conditions have been met. 

They can be used to tailor copy based on device or audience, serving different ad text to those who have already converted on your site or people searching on mobile devices versus desktop.


IF you’re still unsure, just give them a try!

Simply trigger the setup by typing the magic brace “{“ into the area of your ad that will be changed when the conditions are met. 

A simple dropdown should walk you through the rest, providing options for “If, Then & Otherwise”.


Ad Customizers

Nothing is custom-like Ad Customizers.

Ad customizer feeds can be used to automate the tailoring of ads to what a user is searching for as well as the context, for example, their device, location, date, day of the week, or time. All at a larger scale.


Custom ads at scale.

You’ll need to enter your data into a spreadsheet and upload them to the Business data section of your account. A breakdown of how to do this will be added to another blog post. 

Ad customizers can insert text, number, price, and date attributes. This allows a single ad to have hundreds of variations that can be customized for each search.


Responsive search ads

Variation, variation, variation…

You can use this ad type for running and testing several headlines and descriptions across your ads all at once!

Google will dynamically choose which combination to serve on a search-by-search basis that will ultimately lead to the best possible performance from your ads. 


Testing made simple.

This means that you can review which headline and description combinations Google shows the most and which provide the highest successes, perfect for understanding what kinds of ad copy work best for your campaigns!


Equip your ads with automation

Each one of these tactics listed can be useful across a wide variety of situations. So try and test as many of these tools within your automation arsenal as you can and discover which of these can help navigate your ads to the ROAS giants they should be! 

If you want to supercharge your paid search engine marketing then discover our specialist PPC service today to ensure your business harnesses the full potential of Google Ads.