We've Won Best Digital Campaign of 2021 at the MPAs

We are extremely proud and excited to announce that after getting shortlisted… the team at Circulate Digital have now been officially crowned as MPA’s best digital campaign of 2021!

Winning one of the most prestigious awards of the night, with previous winners such as Moss Bros, Argos and Asda, we’re delighted to have taken home the gold.

Paid Social Media Marketing.

Paid social advertising is an incredibly powerful marketing tool that allows your business to reach new customers by amplifying your products and services to highly targeted, mass audiences.

As a highly measurable marketing channel, the success of paid social performance can easily be defined, making it easy to show off the return on your investment and the overall impact it’s having on your business. Not only that, paid social is the perfect solution for achieving a variety of brand awareness and organic growth objectives by putting your brand in front of high intent social media users operating within the digital landscape.

As an industry-leading paid social agency, our clients experience the power of social media advertising for connecting with new and existing customers online. Lead gen? E-com? B2B? B2C? B to whatever you like… paid social media advertising is the ultimate way of growing within the industry you operate, no matter the shape or size.

Why Choose Our Paid Social Agency?

As an industry-leading paid social marketing agency, we always strive to innovate in every aspect of the advertising activity that we undertake. We are an audience-first social agency that fully immerse ourselves in your brand and its campaigns, perfectly representing your brand in front of your ideal consumer.

By fully understanding your target customers, we tailor all adverts with the most powerful imagery and punchy advertising copy that simply leads to clicks and most importantly, conversions.

At our specialist paid social agency, our experts have mastered the art of targeting, campaign setups and persuasive content that consistently drives a stream of exponential revenue for our clients. We have several tricks up our sleeve that set us apart from the rest leading to an impressive return on your investment with Circulate.

Our Blended Approach.

When it comes to paid social, our agency is different from the rest. As part of our paid social offering, we also create bespoke marketing campaigns, incorporating SEO and PPC that work together to create unbeatable results through a fully integrated approach.

Our closely-knit team of experts consistently work together to deliver blended paid social marketing campaigns where our services complement each other to deliver groundbreaking results. This maximises your investment and value for money, quickly and sustainably growing your business online.

Facebook Ads.

At our paid social marketing agency, we are specialists in all things Facebook, striving to create the finest Facebook ad campaigns that generate revolutionary returns for our clients.

No matter the intended goal from your Facebook advertising campaigns, Circulate’s paid social experts can help you reach them. We carefully strategise every aspect of our Facebook advertising services to drive the best results, helping you make the absolute most of your paid social investments.

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Instagram Ads.

In the modern world, everyone should understand & acknowledge the level of brand power Instagram holds. That applies to any company… no matter the shape, size, stature or sector.

Circulate’s Instagram based advertising services help you make the very most of your advertising efforts through Instagram via precise management, targeting and continuous optimisation through data observation.

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LinkedIn Ads.

Advertising on LinkedIn embraces the power of social media in a business to business space, helping to reach professional audiences through both demographic and industry targeting.

Our paid social services on LinkedIn can zone in precisely into niche audiences in any industry, creating the perfect audience for your product or service. With the ability to target employees in different roles and industries, our B2B LinkedIn advertising campaigns generate fantastic results that maximise ROI.

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TikTok Ads.

Targeting a whole new generation of social media users can be challenging. By continually adapting and developing our immense paid social knowledge, our team of highly experienced professionals create unbeatable results on TikTok.

60% of TikTok users are Gen Z, rendering traditional marketing methods useless. Our team of paid social marketers adapt with the times to create groundbreaking results through TikTok’s younger audiences.

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Spotify Ads.

Over 150 million users listen to Spotify with a free subscription, providing a fantastic opportunity for modern digital advertising. With the ability to target a range of personas, Spotify is the perfect platform to promote your brand.

Our data-led Spotify advertising service helps brands of all sizes interact with potential customers in a new and unique way that targets your ideal demographic directly in their ears!

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Circulate have been instrumental in our company growth over the past 2 years. They always ensure that we are hitting or exceeding our targets.

A. MackintoshFounder, AYM

Data-Driven Paid Media Agency.

Using our wealth of knowledge, our experts use in-depth data analysis to discover valuable, business-impacting insights to develop your paid social strategy.

Our data-driven, scientific approach allows our audience first paid social a to consistently deliver amazing results, giving your business the growth it needs while retaining an impeccable return on your investment.

With the opportunity to target a highly tailored audience, we use cutting-edge technology and techniques to create bespoke, conversion-ready audiences for your specific niche. Our paid social experts have the ability to continually test, target and optimise your ads for different demographics and audiences to create the best results possible.

Our Paid Social Case Studies.


AYM Studio.

14:1 Return on ad spend.

In-House Furniture.

From 0 to 20k users in 4 months.

SEO & Content.


Paid Social.