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Social dynamics are changing by the day. With almost 3.5 billion active social media users across the globe, brands of all shapes and sizes have revolutionised the way they communicate with new and existing customers.

Across a range of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify and TikTok, on average, a new account is created every 6.4 seconds. Data suggests that the user then goes on to spend around 142 minutes on social media every day.

Partnering with an award-winning paid social agency that knows exactly which social media platform your customers are using, whilst portraying your brands products or services in the best light, can result in a huge return on investment for your brand.



With the opportunity to target a highly tailored audience, we use cutting-edge technology and techniques to create bespoke, conversion-ready audiences for your specific niche. Our paid social experts have the ability to continually test, target and optimise your ads for different demographics and audiences to create the best results possible, making our paid social agency a cut above the rest.

When you partner with Circulate, you will gain access to BigDataSuite, your very own, industry-leading custom reporting dashboard that displays your progress clearly and in real-time. Your dedicated account manager will also provide weekly email updates, transparent monthly reports and scheduled online catch-ups discussing your progress and any upcoming opportunities for growth.



Eye-catching Paid Social ads.

Our ads are crafted from the ground-up to be nothing short of scroll-stoppers… capturing the attention of target customers wherever they are. Because our paid social agency uses an integrated approach, our experienced content team does in-depth research into your niche to determine exactly what your ads should look like in order to get the most clicks and interest from your ideal customer.

We believe that results and relationships are fundamental to everything when working with your business. Our team is there for you every step of the way, letting you know what kind of creatives would work best to attract your target audience, ensuring your budget is spent in the most fruitful areas so your business continues to grow online.

Scroll-stropping ad copy.

We work closely with our talented content team who live and breathe copy that sells! Our experts deep dive into your industry and your business in order to gain a deep understanding of how your brand should be represented online in terms of both creative assets and written copy.

Our paid social agency uses all the tricks of the trade in order to portray your brand’s tone of voice to your target audience in the most exciting way. We craft ad copy using emotive language and clear calls to action that persuade your ideal target audience to interact with your ads, generating the best results possible.


Our audience-first approach to paid social campaigns helps our experts dive deep into your business, your industry and your competitors, before making detailed customer personas for your ads to target. This approach makes full use of your budget by only showing your products or services to people that would have a genuine interest in them and are much more likely to pass down the conversion funnel.

As an industry-leading paid social agency… we do it all! Lead gen? E-commerce? B2B? B2C? We help our prestigious clients grow within their industries with laser-sharp audience targeting that leads to tangible results.


What do we mean by data-driven? In short, we know the importance of data and use it to implement high-converting marketing funnels. With constant optimisation and testing through a range of analytics platforms, our paid social experts constantly optimise and test campaigns, letting them track results in real-time, displaying your progress clearly and always keeping you in the loop with customised reporting dashboards based on your KPIs.

Our award-winning paid social campaigns speak for themselves – you can rest assured that your brand is in the safe hands of a highly experienced team that specialises in results-based advertising, yielding the best results possible for your business in aid to help you grow.

Measurable results.

As a highly measurable marketing channel, the success of paid social performance can easily be defined, making it easy to show the return on your investment and the overall impact it’s having on your business. Not only that, paid social is the perfect solution for achieving a variety of brand awareness and organic growth objectives, helping put your business in front of high intent social media users operating across different platforms within the digital landscape.

At our specialist paid social agency, our experts have mastered the art of targeting, campaign setups and punchy yet persuasive content that consistently drives a stream of exponential revenue for our clients. We have several creative and technical tricks up our sleeve that set us apart from the rest leading to a measurable return on your investment with Circulate.

Campaign optimisation.

Our paid social experts don’t just come up with award-winning campaigns, we know that to drive the best possible results, they need to be constantly optimised. Our experts never let the ball drop when it comes to improving your ads. From constantly refreshing and A/B testing ad copy to tweaking your paid social strategy to highly targeted perfection, the power of paid social should never be underestimated.

The powerful analytics platforms we use let our paid social team track results in real-time, meaning opportunities for growth and optimisation are never missed across the Circulate team.


ROAS up 57% in year one, with Meta Ads revenue increasing by 34%

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Why use Paid Social?

The average user spends around 3 hours a day scrolling through social media platforms, and with over half of the world’s population now actively using social media, the window of opportunity this provides in advertising is not one you can ignore.

Using the right paid social strategy can have amazing benefits for your business when it comes to attracting new customers, bringing old customers back and building a loyal customer base. Our industry experts understand how to create engaging content for your ideal customer and how to strategically drive them down the marketing funnel.

Why choose Circulate as your Paid Social agency?

Deciding which Paid Social agency to partner with is a big decision. But we’re here to make that decision easier, by working with Circulate, you get access to our award-winning paid social team that has a history of amazing results.

We work with your internal marketing team to understand everything about your business goals, striving towards them with great passion and enthusiasm as we truly love what we do. When we start working together, we will build you measurable OKRs within our onboarding stage prior to crafting the perfect strategy and roadmap to achieve your goals. Check out our TrustPilot reviews to see why our clients love us!

What makes Circulate different as a Paid Social agency?

No matter whether you have an e-commerce business or one that requires a lead generation approach, you can expect to see paid social results immediately. However, a timeline for your success will be outlined in your proposal with clear targets after our team of experts understand your business and your objectives.

As an award-winning paid social agency with a proven track record of results, we understand the fast-paced world of social media benefits from using an integrated approach. As part of our paid social offering, we also create bespoke marketing campaigns, incorporating SEO and PPC that work together to create unbeatable results. As users are pushed through the conversion funnel at higher rates, this leads to better overall conversion rates and more coverage for your brand.

Our closely-knit team of experts consistently work together to deliver blended paid social marketing campaigns where our services complement each other to deliver groundbreaking results. This maximises your investment and value for money, quickly and sustainably growing your business through your prosperous relationship with Circulate.

Is Paid Social success easily defined?

Paid social is an incredibly powerful marketing tool that allows your business to reach new customers by amplifying your products and services to highly targeted, mass audiences.

As a highly measurable marketing channel, the success of paid social performance can easily be defined, making it easy to show off the return on your investment and the overall impact it’s having on your business. Not only that, paid social is the perfect solution for achieving a variety of brand awareness and growth based objectives.

Which Paid Social channel should I choose?

When it comes to choosing the perfect social media platform for your business, our experts are on hand to guide you. We’ll do the industry research for you to make sure your budget is invested in the right platform and placement.

How do you report on Paid Social campaigns?

Using Google’s Data Studio, our paid social experts create an industry-leading custom reporting dashboard for your business that brings together data from Google Analytics and your chosen social media platforms that your ads are running on. This makes it easy to keep track of real-time progress and gives you a transparent view of how your money is being spent, clearly reflecting your ROI, goals and KPIs.

Your dedicated account manager will also provide weekly email updates, monthly reports and scheduled online catch-ups for clear communication between our teams.

How detailed are your Paid Social audits?

Our paid media team don’t miss a thing when it comes to paid social audits! Our experts look at everything from the creatives that you’re using to how powerful your copy is. They also take a deep dive into who your ads are really targeting and the structure of your campaigns in order to come up with the ultimate paid social campaign strategy for your business.

Do you offer other services?

As an award-winning digital marketing agency, we offer a range of digital marketing services. Alongside paid social, we offer PPC, SEO, content creation, PR & outreach and comprehensive data insight services for you to dominate the landscape in which you operate.