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TikTok is one of the newest forms of social media that has created worldwide superstars overnight including artists, musicians, and more. Now it’s time for brands across the globe to make their move.

With HUGE advertising potential, it’s the perfect platform for your business to reach highly targeted audiences online. Our expert team knows exactly how to make your brand stand out on this platform, giving you the opportunity to reach TikTok’s 600+ million users.

Our team of TikTok experts create bespoke ad campaigns that are fit for a multitude of objectives, ultimately helping smash strategic goals to help your business grow. As a highly measurable advertising platform, your TikTok marketing performance can easily be defined, to show off the incredible return on your investment and the impact upon your marketing efforts.

Why us?

TikTok advertising is one of the most effective new forms of paid social marketing. With 41% of the platform’s 689 million users aged between 16 and 24, it’s the ideal channel to target Generation Z.

Our TikTok advertising service lets you take advantage of this new group of potential customers and allows your brand to reach a whole new audience. With detailed analysis, our TikTok marketing agency implements strategic techniques that ensure your advertising campaigns drive sales for your business whilst maximising the return on your ad spend.

Data-Driven TikTok Advertisements.

Our team of paid social experts specialise in creating high-performance adverts on TikTok. Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness, drive sales or generate enquiries, we provide you with the best marketing solutions that scale with your business to efficiently grow your business online.

With a track record of success across all paid social media advetising, our experts use a data-led approach that puts the needs of your audience first in order to generate groundbreaking results from TikTok advertisements.

Circulate always approach our targets with the same enthusiasm as our own internal team, which helps to double the impacts of the results that we are achieving with our company growth.

A. MackintoshFounder, AYM

Why Your Brand Should Invest in TikTok Advertising.

TikTok is the fastest growing social media in the world.

Every single day, more and more users are choosing to use TikTok, often favouring it over other social media platforms. Hugely popular all over the world with a diverse and valuable audience, TikTok allows brands to promote themselves through easy-digest, highly visual video content. If implemented correctly, TikTok ads can have a massive impact on both TikTok users and the growth of your brand.

TikTok has a huge amount of engagement.

On average, in the UK, each TikTok user opens the app 13 times each day. This incredible engagement rate is down to the quality and quantity of tailored content that is presented to users every time they open the app. This creates a fantastic foundation for advertising and gives brands a huge opportunity to take advantage of.

TikTok holds unique advertising opportunities.

Our TikTok agency run tailored campaigns in fresh and innovative ways. From branded lenses, hashtags and challenges, our expert team uses these new methods to promote your brand in a unique way that creates fantastic results, particularly when targeting Generation Z.

What Can TikTok Advertising Do For Your Brand?

TikTok advertising presents unique opportunities through its user’s demographic. Similar to how LinkedIn allows brands to tap into a professional audience. TikTok is the perfect choice for brands that are looking to target a younger audience made up of Generation Z and Millennials.

The vast majority of TikTok users are Gen-Z, and as this age group matures, research shows that this generation is going to have the most financial freedom, far more than previous generations before them. Gen-Z also engages far more on TikTok than any other social media platform.

Is your brand taking advantage of this brand new digital generation of consumers? With the freedom to be innovative, TikTok allows our experts to showcase your brand’s personality and passion through effortlessly consumable media.

Our TikTok advertisements easily display your brand’s values and meaning, leaving a long-lasting impression, passive promotion and generating active engagement.

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We've Won Best Digital Campaign of 2021 at the MPAs

We are extremely proud and excited to announce that after getting shortlisted… the team at Circulate Digital have now been officially crowned as MPA’s best digital campaign of 2021!

Winning one of the most prestigious awards of the night, with previous winners such as Moss Bros, Argos and Asda, we’re delighted to have taken home the gold.

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