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Look no further for your results-driven PPC agency. Instantly put your brand in front of potential customers across different areas of the web. PPC allows you to pay for high-intent website traffic by the click.

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As one of the most effective and measurable models of digital marketing, pay-per-click advertising is self-explanatory. You place your ad through a range of targeting options, whether it be through paid search, remarketing or display, and you only pay for any high-intent clicks through to your website.

Not only does PPC provide instantly measurable results, but it’s also cost-effective and easy to reflect the success of your business! With PPC, you’re able to control how much you spend on each click and set an overall budget, so you’ll never spend more than you’d like to.

If your business isn’t currently taking advantage of pay-per-click advertising, you’ll be missing out on endless opportunities for increased website traffic and improved overall revenues. You’ll also have access to more useful data about your customers than you ever would’ve realised!



Data is at the heart of our mission at Circulate and our reporting techniques reflect this with complete precision. By investing in a variety of different digital tools, we can offer our clients a thorough understanding of their PPC performance, whilst using the insights ourselves to realign your campaign to your specific needs.

When you choose to Circulate as your PPC agency, we will create a custom reporting dashboard that tracks your data in real time with care and accuracy. Additionally, we can also provide you with a custom spreadsheet with all the required information if your business requires a more precise snippet of specific data for any given purpose. We will also offer weekly reports on our progress in performance and tasks, monthly reviews and meetings as regularly as your business requires.

In our reporting, we aim to offer you insights that clearly and transparently demonstrate the impact your strategy is having on your business. Our dashboards can be customised to reflect exactly what you’re looking for, with easy-to-read reports on tasks, traffic, conversions and much more.


Childrens Hospital Charity

144% increase in web donations through PPC campaigns

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First and foremost, our PPC services focus on understanding your target audience and their intent prior to building campaigns. This is essential for building well-structured campaigns that are perfectly suited for each individual business.

A Google Ads specialist from our committed team will conduct thorough research into who your audience is and where they are online. After thorough testing and deep-diving into your existing customers and competitor tactics, we will define where they are in the conversion process. From here, we can craft our bespoke strategy based on your precise customer base to deliver substantial results by the click.


As a fully-fledged PPC agency, we use a diverse range of digital tools to harvest all relevant data to keep your strategy as accurate as possible. We are extremely reliant on data to craft and optimise a campaign completely bespoke to your business’ unique KPIs and goals – from building your target personas to researching the search terms and partner websites that will be best suited to your brand services and products.

We will ensure your budget is spent efficiently to maximise ROI for your business with frequent reviews and optimisations. To ensure we’re consistently pushing for the best results possible, we will review any current account builds and create a robust strategy to improve keyword coverage, campaign layout and ad copy to be optimally suited to Google’s preferences. For clear transparency of campaign progress, we’ll follow this up with completely transparent reporting on all metrics and results that relate directly to the targets set in the initial stages of our relationship.

Keyword research strategy.

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most effective ways to hit your customers as they’re already searching for your product or service with a high purchase intent, which means they are in the latter stages of the conversion funnel. As simple as this may sound, the keywords you need to bid on need to match your objectives perfectly, which is where our laser-focused research methods come into play.

Our PPC agency follows a single keyword ad group approach (SKAG), which allows us the optimum control for both budget management and custom ad copy for each search term we target. We will regularly review search query reports, harvesting high-performing terms and implementing them into our exact match targeting to ensure we’re spending effectively. We will also consistently refine our audiences to ensure we serve our ads to potential customers who are most likely to convert.

High-quality ad messaging.

Accurate brand representation is important in pay-per-click advertising as it allows your brand to appear completely authentic to your target audience. Our dedicated team of content specialists will deep-dive into every element of your brand’s messaging to ensure we’re representing your brand perfectly in our ads. We will perform audits on your existing content to uncover your ideal tone of voice and approach, as well as to conduct thorough competitor research and extra content opportunities.

We will then deliver pay-per-click advertising messaging that meets the highest standards, with frequent testing and analysis allowing us to revise and optimise your ad content based on what’s working the best.

Consistent optimisations.

With data at the forefront of our PPC management strategies, with frequent reviews and reporting, we will always be on top of the insights we need to revise your campaign. Regular realignment is the key to successful PPC results as your audience is constantly growing and expanding, so your campaign should reflect this.

We will remain ahead of the curve by immediately implementing the results from our testing and data analysis as and when we have them to keep your campaign as relevant and timely as possible. We will frequently offer strategy reviews and reports to discuss our findings with you to ensure we are adapting our PPC services to align with your wider business objectives.

An integrated approach.

We at Circulate know that the search landscape is ever-changing and evolving, so our services should be too. Our PPC management approach is made up of the collective expertise of our team across every department in order to deliver a well-rounded, highly-informed campaign that meets your specific brand objectives.

Our integrated approach to PPC management is reflected in our industry-leading blended campaigns and the fantastic results our clients receive.


Why use PPC?

In what should be an integral part of your marketing strategy, PPC provides some of the highest intent traffic as we’re showing our ads to those already interested in a product or service. PPC campaigns can be set up very quickly to be shown to an audience as varied or as niche as you desire. Results come through quickly, offering you an abundance of data that can be used to continuously revise and improve your strategy.

Using targeted keywords and sophisticated bidding strategies across channels such as Google AdWords, Google Display Network, Bing and Microsoft, through pay-per-click advertising, you can unlock a market that it takes other businesses years to crack. It doesn’t matter whether you want to boost your brand exposure or use eCommerce PPC management to increase your traffic and revenue; with the experts within our audience-first PPC agency, there are options to suit every brand… no matter their shape or size.

The best PPC campaigns are structured well from the outset in a manner that helps them grow and evolve. Whilst your campaigns are running, they’ll go through a constant cycle of optimisation and improvement with necessary optimisations for maximum ROI. The aim is to deliver more clicks with more potential but at a lower overall CPA.

Why choose Circulate as your PPC Agency?

Circulate Digital are a Certified Google Partner PPC Agency that has delivered Industry-leading campaigns time and time again for our clients. Our passionate digital marketing team will consistently work hard to support your business goals and KPIs, keeping you updated on your progress. We see ourselves as the perfect expert extension to your team… our Trustpilot reviews prove this and speak for themselves.

When you work with Circulate, we will be steadfast in understanding the ins and outs of your brand to offer you an industry-leading service. We specialise in paid search that converts. If we sound like the specialised PPC agency you’ve been looking for, book a meeting with a member of our team today to discuss whether we’d be the right fit for you.

What is PPC management?

Essentially, PPC management involves controlling and optimising ad spend on a number of different campaigns over several platforms, including Google, Bing and Amazon, to achieve the client’s specific business goals. Successful PPC campaigns define the target audience with precision to uncover which placements and paid search keywords are most effective to bid on in order to optimise return on ad spend (ROAS).

What makes Circulate different as a PPC agency?

Circulate, as a PPC agency, offers an audience-first approach that reflects strongly in the incredible results our clients have received when taking on our PPC services. With strict attention to detail when carving out your core customer base, we know how to provide your exact target audience with value, which in turn will deliver fantastic results.

How can you expect to see results?

As these can vary from business to business, we will tailor our PPC services completely to your specific KPIs. We will perform regular audits and closely monitor in order to stay on top of your account, making all necessary adjustments and updates as we go in order to optimise our pay-per-click advertising campaigns to drive the best possible results for your business.

How do we report on progress with PPC management?

Your account manager will be a dedicated pay-per-click specialist who will provide you with transparent updates weekly and monthly, with online meetings scheduled regularly to keep you completely informed and to ensure everything is running smoothly. As a part of our bespoke PPC services, as previously mentioned, you’ll have a custom dashboard that you can use as your data and PPC performance hub.

Do you offer other marketing services?

We are a full-service digital marketing agency providing a range of marketing services that can support your campaigns. Our services consist of:

Paid Social