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Advertising on Spotify helps you communicate highly persuasive messages to your ideal customer. Talk to our Spotify ad experts today.

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Spotify is the most-listened-to audio service in the UK. With over 150 million free users, this makes the streaming platform one of the fastest-growing advertisement channels, rapidly overtaking traditional radio advertising services.

With a vast range of user personas, Spotify provides a number of targeting options for ad placements, including age, gender, locations, platform, interests, real-time contexts, genre targeting and more.

Here comes the part where we tell you why our Spotify ads are the best for you and your business, but we don’t need to, our results really speak for themselves. If you’re looking to increase your brand awareness, drive sales, or generate online enquiries, our Spotify ads are sure to deliver amazing results.



Our team of Spotify ads experts focus on not only getting traffic to your site, but we work to ensure all ad experiences are optimised for conversions. By using our 3 step methodology: captivate, click, convert - we ensure we send the right message to your ideal user with highly clickable ads and great brand interactions on your site.

Our Spotify ads specialists ensure that they understand your business and its goals before carefully putting together a bespoke game plan to ensure peak performance.

When results start coming in, we create a personalised performance dashboard filled with easy-to-understand data, so that you can track the performance of your ads anytime, anywhere. You’ll also be assigned an account manager, who will provide weekly updates and feedback on what we’ve been working on, and what we plan to do next. We’re the Spotify ads agency that you’ve been looking for, let’s get to work.



Thorough Market Research.

Every great business has their customers at the forefront of their mission! That’s why, when you come onboard at Circulate, we work hard to perform audits and in-depth analysis into your business, your industry and your competitors before hand-crafting your Spotify ad campaigns. That way, based on the data we uncover, we can create accurate customer personas to present your ads to those who will love your products and services.

As a leading Spotify ad agency, our targeting methods are laser-sharp, and we constantly finetune our campaigns based on what’s performing the best. When it comes to the bottom line, this helps us stretch your marketing budgets further for maximum ROI.

Data driven.

When it comes to crafting Spotify strategies, data is at the heart of what we do. We use new and existing data to shape and inform your campaigns across audiences, performance and more. Our team of paid social experts gather and analyse your Spotify ads data using a number of different industry-standard digital tools, helping us to gain insight as to how we can maximise your advertising budgets across Spotify.

We make regular optimisations, testing and recording different advertising options for different users to create the highest-performing campaign possible for your brand. You’ll also have full access to all of this data, which is tracked in real-time, via the custom reporting dashboard we provide for you in the initial stages of working with us.

High-quality audio content.

As your dedicated Spotify advertising agency, our talented content team will then help you develop the most compelling audio to truly stop listeners in their tracks. On Spotify, you have a brief moment in time to capture the attention of your audience, and luckily, we know every trick in the book.

Your brand identity is also important – especially when it comes to awareness and recognition. That’s why our dedicated team of Spotify specialists will also perform in-depth research into your existing tone-of-voice and messaging, whilst also considering your competitors and industry standards to ensure the content we promote perfectly represents both your brand and its objectives.

Creative advertising techniques.

Circulate Digital is a creative agency that is always looking to break the mould, and advertising for Spotify provides unlimited possibilities to do that. As users with free accounts cannot skip these Spotify ads, which are played at 15 minute intervals, your brand is presented with an excellent opportunity to reach a whole new audience using diverse and exciting audio adverts.

With ads lasting up to 30 seconds, Spotify offers several different advertising formats that will be presented to the users. You will also be able to add images and text to this ad for an even greater effect. When planning Spotify ads, our creative team will come up with exciting new ideas to effectively promote your brand – helping you reach new dimensions of success!

Campaign optimisation & remarketing.

All forms of advertising need to be relevant and timely, and Spotify ads are no exception. We will regularly deep-dive into the results of your existing campaigns to assess what works for your brand and what doesn’t so that we can optimise your ads to perform as successfully as possible.

By prospecting your existing customers as well as targeting new ones, we can also push those that have been previously exposed to your website further down the funnel with appropriate messaging that resonates perfectly. From loyal customers with repeat purchases to those who have visited your website once, we’ll do everything we can to drive sales and enquiries.

Blended advertising for the best results.

As your expert digital marketing partner, Circulate’s core mission is to maximise your brand’s ROI and overall revenue using our tailored advertising strategies across different forms of paid social. As a team with a wealth of expertise and different skill sets, your business will have the opportunity to invest in an integrated marketing strategy across multiple platforms with a truly integrated approach.


ROAS up 57% in year one, with Meta Ads revenue increasing by 34%

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Why use Spotify ads?

Advertising on Spotify helps brands of all sizes interact with their ideal customer in a personal manner. Our team of experts create bespoke Spotify advertising campaigns that amplify your business to highly targeted mass audiences with unskippable ads that sell.

Using Spotify, it’s capable of targeting specific demographics based on a number of characteristics around user listening habits. We incorporate this with a data-driven approach to put the needs of your audience first to create the most optimised campaigns possible.

Why choose Circulate as your Spotify ads agency?

By choosing us as your Spotify advertising agency, your business will experience revolutionary results by tapping into both new and existing audiences. Our team produces high-performing Spotify adverts that provide you with a digital solution that is disrupting traditional methods of advertising.

Our experts use the platform’s unique advertising mediums, including, video, audio and display to engage targeted audiences with your brand. As a leading Spotify marketing agency, we use strategic techniques with detailed analysis that ensure your advertising campaigns hit the objectives you are striving for.

No matter the goal of your Spotify ad campaign, we are here to help you reach and exceed targets to drive your business forwards. That could be sales, sign-ups or increasing brand awareness.

What makes Circulate different as an Spotify ads agency?

As a Spotify advertising agency that priorities amazing relationships as well as amazing results, client satisfaction is our number one priority. We make it our mission to treat your business as an extension of our own. We want you to be 100% happy with your entire strategy and how we’re running your campaign, so we’ll be completely transparent with every action we make.

How do you report on Spotify ad campaigns?

When you partner with Circulate, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who is well-versed in Spotify ads. Your account manager will be your point of contact for any queries or concerns you may have, and they’ll also provide you with weekly and monthly updates on your campaign progress, with online meetings scheduled regularly.

As previously mentioned, you’ll also receive a custom reporting dashboard to give you complete clarity and visibility into how well your ads are performing.

How are my ads approved by Spotify?

Each and every audio advertisement submitted to Spotify must be approved by their ad approval team to ensure it’s aligned with their terms and conditions. If it does not, then it will be rejected. This process takes between 24-48 hours.

At Circulate, we know the guidelines inside out. We’ll carefully assess each piece of audio with precision to ensure that it complies perfectly with the T&Cs.

Do you offer other digital marketing services?

We are a full-service digital marketing agency providing a range of marketing services that can support your campaigns. Our services consist of:

Paid Social