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With a loyal global following of over 1 billion users, Instagram is one of the world’s leading social media platforms that has revolutionised the way brands communicate with both new and existing customers. The ability to connect with highly engaged audiences has made Instagram become a marketing focal point for brands of all statures.

The platform has grown into a huge and diverse online community that offers unlimited marketing potential with businesses, influencers and individuals from a vast range of backgrounds. With precise targeting options across demographics, interests, location and more, this has opened up doors for advertisers to communicate with Instagram’s huge audiences.

Instagram offers the highest engagement rates of all the big social platforms, making the power of Instagram advertising unmatched. By advertising on Instagram, you can push creative boundaries with visually captivating, highly-clickable ads that send the perfect message to your ideal user. As an award-winning agency that specialised in Instagram ads, we help you do exactly that.

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    Our approach to Instagram ads.


    Our audience-first approach is all about knowing your audience and putting that at the forefront of our award-winning paid social strategies. We take the time to do in-depth research to deeply understand your target audience before creating detailed target customer personas that are searching for your products or services.

    Our team of Instagram ad specialists work hard to understand your business goals before tailoring a performance-driven strategy that strives to achieve them, this is precisely why our paid social campaigns are industry recognised and award-winning!

    Data drives decision making.

    From the initial strategy of your campaign to consistently measuring and optimising for higher performance, our team of experts understand the importance of data. Using behavioural data is one of the fundamental aspects to creating our campaigns that get better and better with time, making the most of your Instagram ad spend for maximised ROI.

    With constant optimisation and testing through a range of analytics platforms, our paid social experts optimise and test campaigns regularly, helping us track results in real-time. For complete transparency on your campaigns, these are then displayed clearly within a customised reporting dashboard we develop in the initial stages of our relationship based on the exact KPIs you are looking to improve.

    Measurable, transparent results.

    Whatever your Instagram advertising goals look like, Circulate’s Instagram advertising experts can help you reach them. We carefully strategise every aspect of our Instagram advertising services to drive the best results, helping you get the best ROI possible from your overall marketing spend.

    Instagram advertising measures the success of your campaign based on the objectives you are looking to achieve, from awareness, clicks, to sales and enquiries. This ensures you can easily define the success of your partnership with Circulate from the very start of our relationship.

    Scroll-stopping ad copy.

    As a leading Instagram advertising agency, we know just how important it is to hand-craft the perfect messages to your target audiences based on what they find valuable, their pain points and where they are within the conversion funnel.

    That’s why our talented content marketing specialists immerse themselves in your brand and your campaigns to create the perfect ad copy for your Instagram ads. Following in-depth audience, industry and competitor analysis, our talented ad copy specialists get crafting to make sure every single ad your brand serves is 100% click-worthy, making all the difference in improving website traffic, sales and revenues generated online.

    Captivating ad visuals.

    Our Instagram experts know exactly how your Instagram ads need to look and feel to get the highest levels of engagement from those who will be interested in your products or service.

    By partnering with our award-winning Instagram ads agency, you’ll get expert advice on your company’s current visuals and the type of images and videos that would work best to attract your target audience. If you need assistance in terms of creatives, our team of design experts are also on hand to help.

    Our talented paid media team will then ensure nobody that will love your products or services slip the net, in turn driving significant ROI from your advertising investments to help your business grow.

    Campaign optimisation & remarketing.

    By choosing Circulate as your Instagram ads agency, you will be able to generate more clicks, and most importantly, more conversions for your business. With the right expertise, this all comes at a fraction of the cost as our campaigns are constantly fine-tuned for maximum performance. Our team are always there to find new campaign opportunities that often get overlooked.

    Advertising isn’t always about prospecting new customers, you can use it to increase purchases from existing customers and those who have already engaged with your website. As an Instagram ad agency with years of experience, we know every trick in the book to build the most appealing adverts that are laser targeted towards your target audience based on where they are in the purchasing process.

    Consistent communication with those who have already been exposed to your brand is the ideal way to push those in the consideration stage further down the conversion funnel, resulting in more sales for your business from those who may have slipped the net.

    Results that speak for themselves.


    Frontier Energy Network

    242 high-quality leads

    The Children’s Hospital Charity

    144% increase in web donations

    Circulate have been working with Claimont Health for around 12 months and have achieved some impressive results for our business. We would happily recommend them.

    Matthew DykeMarketing Manager
    Woman on chair

    The power of Instagram ads.

    With roughly one billion monthly active users, Instagram is solidified as one of the most popular social networks worldwide. Advertising on the platform remains a popular choice for both growing businesses and big name brands. You can target your ideal customer on the platform where they spend a lot of their free time.

    With the range of ad platforms and placements available and the sky rocketing popularity of reels and IGTV, you can serve perfectly optimised adverts in the perfect place. Ultimately, it’s the minor details that dictate the success of your Instagram advertising investments, and that’s where our paid social specialists come in to help.

    We’re here to help your business grow.

    At our Instagram ads agency, we’re specialists in all things Instagram marketing. Our paid social experts work together with our creative team to craft the perfect non-invasive Instagram ads that build a hype for your brand. At Circulate, we thrive on our clients’ success and aim to construct award-winning campaigns every time.

    Whether you’re looking to boost brand awareness, supercharge sales, or showcase your service to a wide range of customers, we’re here as your dedicated digital marketing partner to help you grow.

    Highly targeted and visually captivating.

    When it comes to Instagram advertising, you need to have the perfect recipe of precise targeting, punchy ad copy and stunning visuals. Our integrated digital marketing agency utilises the talents of our Instagram advertising specialists alongside our creative team to make sure your ads captivate your target audience whilst staying perfectly on-brand.

    Our Instagram ads display your brand’s products or services in the best light, leaving a lasting impression and generating active engagement from your potential customers. With unwavering advertising potential, Instagram is the perfect platform for your business to reach highly targeted, engaged audiences online.

    Instagram ad reporting and communications.

    Our team of Instagram ad specialists take the time to understand your brand and business goals inside out before tailoring a performance-driven strategy that aims to achieve them. 

    We display all the data you’re looking for in easy-to-understand live performance dashboards so you can track your results at all times. Your dedicated account manager will also provide weekly updates on completed and upcoming tasks, monthly reports that cover performance, and regular online catchups to ensure our strategy is perfectly aligned with your company’s objectives. 

    Circulate team in a meeting

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    How do Instagram ads work?

    Similar to Facebook, Instagram ads appear in users’ Instagram feeds, Stories, Explore, and more. They look similar to normal posts but always contain a “sponsored” label to show that they are an ad.

    Is it worth it to advertise on instagram?

    With over one billion monthly active users scrolling through the social media platform and actively engaging with posts, it’s definitely worth it to advertise on Instagram. That applies to both big name brands and smaller businesses that want to get their name and products out there.

    How do you find your target audience on Instagram?

    Instagram ads have all the same targeting options as Facebook advertising. These include targeting based on location, demographics, interests, behaviour, lookalike audiences, and automated targeting.

    Do we offer other advertising services?

    As an award-winning global agency, we offer clients a range of specialised services from a selection of paid social advertising to our fantastic PPC offering. We also provide a range of SEO services for those looking for organic growth.

    If you’d like a fully integrated approach to your marketing where we audit your website and digital marketing approach and offer the services that will benefit your business the most, get in touch with us!