Lead volume increased by 250% with CPA reduced by 7%

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The results

By honing in our target audience, we were able to bid more aggressively for our ad placements while maintaining an efficient CPL.

This resulted in a 30% uplift in conversion rate, enabling us to increase lead volume by 250% compared to the first month of activity. Furthermore, we were able to scale this activity whilst reducing CPL by 7%.


Increase in enquiries


Increase in conversion rate

Martyna Barysaite | Marketing Manager

"Despite our niche and high-value market presenting its own set of challenges, Circulate continuously produce superior results. Personally, I am most impressed by the time and effort that went into researching our industry and tailoring the strategies to our individual goals."

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The Brief

After successfully launching our campaigns, our objective was to then optimise our display campaign structure to deliver an increase in demo-requests whilst improving CPL efficiency.

Our Strategy

We did this through segmenting our ad sets by demographics, with separate ad sets for males and females within different age categories. This allowed for a much more focussed and precise advertising strategy with much higher conversion rates.