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Amazon ads ensure your products catch the eye of consumers when browsing across the Amazon marketplace. Talk to our Amazon PPC experts today.

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Boasting over 300 million active users, Amazon has the upper hand over most other platforms because its audience is primarily there for one purpose only: to shop. If your brand sells tangible products and is looking for a consistent customer base, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be using Amazon.

Having said that, the sheer popularity of the platform comes with a high level of competition from other sellers that offer similar products, so having a well-thought-out advertising strategy that covers all necessary bases can be key in driving more direct sales in this highly competitive environment.

That’s where our Amazon pay-per-click experts come in, driving real results to help your business generate higher levels of income. Just like digital marketing tactics such as PPC and SEO, you can reach more customers by targeting shoppers based on specific search terms with highly persuasive advertising messaging.



The power of data should always be the foundation of an Amazon ads strategy. In order to support our professional Amazon ads services, we invest in a range of tools that provide a holistic view of your performance. This helps us dive into the things that matter the most, whilst also zoning in on areas that are often missed by our competitors.

If you choose to partner with Circulate as your long-term Amazon ads agency, you’ll be provided with a customised reporting dashboard that tracks real-time data from a range of sources. We also provide weekly updates on performance and tasks, monthly reports, and regular Google Hangouts for a good old chat.

Our industry-leading client dashboard systems are regularly praised by our clients, and we can completely personalise them based on exactly what you’re looking for. The goal of our reporting is to provide you with complete and comprehensive transparency on progress and performance across tasks, traffic, rankings, conversions and more – with clear reflections on past performance so you can cross-reference your success.


Sun Leisure

676% increase in revenue through Amazon ads


Data-driven Amazon advertising.

Thanks to the huge wealth of knowledge and experience that our fantastic team of digital marketing fanatics have to offer, you can rest assured that your business will be in safe hands when you work with us. We are an expert addition to your business, carrying the same enthusiasm towards hitting your internal targets as your already existing team.

The ultimate goal of Amazon ads is to place your products in front of the ideal customer at the ideal time. By ensuring highly persuasive product placements sit in front of high-intent users, you’ll ensure that you are driving the ultimate amount of sales for maximum Amazon growth. If this sounds like exactly what your business needs, all you need to do is contact us and our team will take care of the rest.

In-depth account analysis.

When you come on board with Circulate to receive our expert Amazon PPC management services, we’ll conduct an in-depth account analysis to establish your ideal strategy. If you already sell your products on Amazon, we will look into your Amazon account from both a paid and organic perspective in order to gain insights from your existing performance.

This data will help shape our strategy, allowing us to restructure and optimise your existing ads and also to create brand new ad assets and formats to best promote your brand. For those not currently selling on Amazon, we can help establish your brand on the platform whilst building your PPC ad campaign.

Measurable results & clear comms.

The PPC specialists at Circulate will be able to provide you with regular reports that will clearly define the value you’ll be receiving from your campaigns.

We measure the data we receive using a variety of high-quality industry tools that help us to understand where optimisation is needed to increase ROI and improve performance.

Timely optimisations.

We know that the search landscape is constantly changing, especially on a platform as encompassing as Amazon, so we make it our priority to always be on top of the data and insights we receive through your campaigns. By doing this, we are able to regularly realign and optimise your campaign to reflect your growing audience’s tastes and preferences.

The data we receive will be implemented efficiently in order to shape your campaign to be as relevant and timely as possible. We will also offer strategy reviews and reports to you in order to ensure our Amazon PPC management remains thoroughly aligned with your business goals.


Why does my eComm brand need Amazon ads?

Amazon ads help you reach your customers exactly when you need to! A user browsing Amazon will already be in the buying mindset and in the very last stage of the purchasing funnel, so they’ll be much more likely to purchase your product if hit with the perfect approach.

When you choose Circulate’s Amazon PPC management services, you’ll be choosing a dedicated digital partner that puts your business needs at the forefront of our work. With customised reporting, we’ll give you full transparency and deep data insights every step of the way, so you’ll be able to see your Amazon ad success as and when it happens with highly measurable metrics.

What makes Circulate different as an Amazon ads agency?

One of our core values as an Amazon advertising agency is to build authentic relationships with our clients. We genuinely care about your brand and how we represent you in your ads, so we’ll work to ensure you’re 100% happy with our Amazon PPC management services.

We’re passionate about improving your revenue for the long term. We will never waffle you with fluffy figures – our mission is to provide real value, transparency and tangible results.

How do you report on Amazon ad campaigns?

As your chosen Amazon PPC agency, we will be as transparent as possible with you when we report on your campaigns. We do this by creating a custom dashboard for your brand that covers all data and insights we receive, so we can keep track of real-time progress.

We will also provide you with a specialist account manager to provide you with weekly email updates, monthly reports and scheduled online catch-ups to answer any questions you may have.

How do Amazon ads work?

Your Amazon campaign will target customers through the variety of sponsored ad variations Amazon provides, including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display – to achieve this, you’ll need an Amazon storefront which you can get after getting listed in Amazon’s brand registry. Our team will be dedicated to optimising your content to the highest standard for mobile and desktop users, increasing click-through rates and ultimately, conversions.

With a wide range of ad campaign options to choose from on Amazon, from sponsored content to pay-per-click advertising, there’s no end to the opportunities for your brand to grow. If your business is ready to take the next step towards reaching more customers online – get in touch with one of our PPC experts today!

What are the different types of Amazon ads?

Sponsored Products are the most common of the three, and these ads are most comparable to general PPC ads you’d see run on Google. These use keyword and product targeting to advertise one specific product.

Sponsored Brand ads, previously titled Headline Search ads, are very similar to this in terms of targeting but showcase a few different products at a time instead of just one. Sponsored Display ads also ensure your ads appear across Amazon’s affiliate websites, including Google, Facebook, Netflix and other mobile apps. As a leading Amazon agency, we use a range of ad tactics across Product Collections, Store Spotlights and also videos to ensure the reach of your products are maximised.

Is Amazon PPC the same as other Pay Per Click services?

As a PPC model, Amazon advertising differs slightly from other forms of online advertising and our experts will treat it as such. Our team will create an advertising strategy that is completely tailored to the aims and overall objectives of your business, closely measuring and consistently fine-tuning the performance of the campaigns and products to ensure a significant return on your ad investments.

Do you offer other marketing services?

We are a full-service digital marketing agency providing a range of marketing services that can support your campaigns. Our services consist of:

Paid Social