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We understand that as a marketing manager, time and money are limited, which is why we ensure our services offer maximum efficiency - helping you achieve great results within a more pre-defined timeline than other Shopify SEO agencies. We have years of experience behind us and have worked with various companies across different ecommerce sectors, leaving you in safe hands for any project.

Our work with various online stores requiring ecommerce SEO services has given us the knowledge and experience to help drive results. We have worked with a long list of ecommerce stores that utilise Shopify, which enables our team to identify areas of improvement to ensure your store is running at its best.

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Helping you get more out of your Shopify store.

Our approach utilises the latest methods, tools, and technologies to boost SEO performance across your Shopify store while keeping up with the changing ecommerce landscape.

We'll help you create a strong, keyword-focused website structure and use targeted keywords on all appropriate pages to drive better organic traffic from the SERPs.

Our focus on practical solutions that provide value for our clients enables us to provide greater visibility, increased customer confidence, and improved customer experiences, ultimately leading to more customers purchasing through your store.

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Our approach to Shopify SEO.

Purchase-focused keyword research.

Our ecommerce SEO specialists will help you generate and target the most effective keywords for your ecommerce store to enhance your organic rankings. Working with you to understand your industry, we will position your target keywords around your business goals and which products and collections you’re looking to push. Our reporting will then be laser-focused on the performance of those exact keywords. 

Technical SEO.

Identifying any technical issues that may be holding your ecommerce website from reaching its full potential. Our ecommerce SEO professionals will provide a comprehensive technical Shopify SEO audit and ensure your ecommerce website is optimised for maximum organic visibility. This is often the area that is overlooked by Shopify store owners – but we’re here as your partner to ensure your technical seo foundations are optimised. 

Content strategy.

From SEO optimised product descriptions to detailed blog content, we will develop a content marketing strategy tailored to your Shopify business that aligns with best practices and the latest ecommerce trends. We’ll work on content production, including keyword analysis, link building, and content optimisation. All this will be done in alignment with our search trend data analysis related to your business’s industry, products and brand.

On-page SEO.

To ensure your ecommerce website is correctly optimised for search engines, we will provide an on-page Shopify SEO audit. We’ll also ensure that all existing content is optimised for maximum organic visibility through our pre-made strategy, including title tags and meta descriptions, as well as URL structures and more. 

Off-page SEO.

Taking your ecommerce SEO strategy further with off-page SEO activities such as link building, local listings and more. Our Shopify SEO team will help enhance your ecommerce website’s online popularity with high-quality backlinks from relevant websites to improve your website’s authority and the potential to drive sales. 


45% increase in product revenue with an additional 2.5k keyword rankings

Following an extensive SEO audit, focusing on technical performance, website content, domain authority and current search engine visibility, Circulate put together an integrated Shopify SEO strategy and roadmap that attended to all issues in priority order.

Making the lives of marketing managers easier since 2014.


What is different about Shopify for SEO?

Shopify is an ecommerce content management system (CMS) that offers a wide range of powerful SEO features and tools. It allows website owners to sell products to customers in an efficient ecosystem. 

Shopify’s built-in SEO capabilities make it easier for online stores to target the right customers, increase organic traffic and drive more sales. Additionally, Shopify makes sure your store is optimised for performance. Our implementation of SEO for an ecommerce website is carried out with an agile approach. This ensures that your ecommerce business is positioned in the best opportunity to succeed in your industry.

Why choose Circulate Digital as your Shopify SEO agency?

You may hear terms such as ‘Best Shopify SEO agency’ flown around by various agencies. However, what separates us from other Shopify SEO agencies is our unique approach to SEO. We’ll take the time in the initial stages to truly understand your goals and needs. From there, we will devise a bespoke SEO strategy geared around the key areas for improvement and then implement the strategy. 

Shopify is a powerful ecommerce platform with much potential for SEO success. It’s essential to understand how SEO works and how to apply best SEO practices on your Shopify platform – which our team at Circulate Digital can assist with as your dedicated Shopify partner.

What makes Circulate Digital different to Shopify SEO Agencies?

As a Shopify store owner, you may wish to turn your attention to other areas of your business, so our Shopify SEO agency provides the perfect solution. Our team understand Shopify’s powerful SEO capabilities and can help you get the most out of your Shopify store. 

How quickly can you expect to see SEO results?

The time it takes to see results for SEO results for shopify stores will vary based on the nature of your Shopify store and the competition in your industry. However, we will help you track progress and set clear objectives to work towards so that you can measure your ecommerce store’s performance over time. 

How do you report on SEO campaigns?

We understand that results are a priority for your Shopify ecommerce store when coming to us for our SEO expertise. This is why we provide detailed monthly reports showing campaign progress, keyword rankings, traffic, conversions, and other focus areas important to you. Our ecommerce SEO team will also offer insights and recommendations to help you continue to improve your ecommerce SEO strategy. 

We always look to maintain consistent comms through weekly updates, so you’re always up to speed on the SEO campaigns. As we always prioritise the success of our clients, we’re committed to enhancing the organic performance of your Shopify store to grow your business.

How detailed are your SEO audits?

Our Shopify SEO audits are comprehensive, detailed and tailored to the unique needs of any Shopify store. We look beyond the basics of the website front end and dive deeper into technical areas, from page speed to crawl errors and site structure. Our Shopify SEO experts analyse your Shopify store from a holistic perspective to provide you with an in-depth overview of areas for growth.

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