Technical SEO performance.

Technical SEO isn’t the dark art that some people perceive it to be, and it’s really not as complicated as many in the industry would have you believe. It’s all about ensuring that your website is structured and built in such a way that search engines can easily crawl, render and index its content.

Imagine you’re building your dream house. You can’t just have it looking good on the outside; it needs to stand on solid foundations and be structurally sound.

Websites are exactly the same. As a Technical SEO Agency, we reinforce the foundations of your site to increase organic visibility and offer a strong user experience, leading to more conversions and increased revenues.

Why us?

Technical SEO is often pushed to the bottom of the list of priorities on web projects. Web design and development, paid media and content-led SEO tend to take precedence, with technical aspects often just an afterthought.

If you want optimum SEO performance, that’s simply not good enough.

By working with a specialist Technical SEO Agency like Circulate, you’ll ensure that your site has an advantage in the search results through the optimisation of areas that might be neglected by competitors. We specialise in Technical SEO, giving us the edge over agencies taking a full-service approach to their SEO work. Our in-house expertise allows us to give Technical SEO the attention it deserves, rather than lumping it on to a generic SEO plan.

We’re here to prove that Technical SEO is a key element of any revenue-driven online strategy.

Site Performance.

A site which is slow to load, hard to crawl or confusing to navigate will lose authority in the eyes of Google. It’ll drop further down the rankings as technically-sound competitors get their noses ahead; that means fewer organic visits, fewer conversions and less revenue.

For any business which is serious about generating online revenue, investing in Technical SEO isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity.

Luckily it’s possible to build sites which are both aesthetically and technically appealing. As a specialist Technical SEO agency, this is exactly what we’re good at.

Website Migrations.

Site migrations can go one of two ways; they’ll either send your site up into the SEO stratosphere or down into the organic dirt. Managing the migration properly from a technical perspective is what makes the difference and can shape your companies future.

Whether you’re moving to WordPress or to a whole new site design, we’ve got experience with successful large site migrations. We have a tried and tested strategy to ensure every migration is successful.

Check out the results from the brand migration we undertook for Claimont Health.

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