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Seasonal events like Halloween are a great way to show the fun and festive personality of your brand.

Like many seasonal events, Halloween brings people together, and it’s a great opportunity to get amongst the madness to promote who you are and what you do. Don’t forget…. People love spending money during the holidays! If your brand can show you’re down with the fun and freaky festivity, that money could be coming to you. 🎃


Incorporate Halloween Into Your Brand Logo 

Your brand logo should always be a recognisable symbol that accurately represents your brand…. That being said, when has a little festive flair ever hurt anyone!? Incorporating ‘Halloweenified’ graphics into your brand logo such as witches, cats, pumpkins, skeletons and bats can show your customers that you are well and truly in the Halloween spirit! Implement the new scary logo across all your online platforms.

Look at Google for example, they are the undisputed champions of creating speciality logos for just about every holiday you can think of. I’m sure you’ll have noticed a quick switch up every once in a while – they’re known as Google doodles. Pancake day? You bet there’ll be a fresh doodle. Google even had a logo featuring the infamous cookie monster to celebrate Sesame Street’s 40th birthday. This year’s Google Halloween logo even comes to life when you interact with it. Take note and get creative! Being lazy and boring in your approach will never win you any fans. ☠️


Halloweenify Your Website!

Halloween is one of the most visually recognisable times of the year. You see people dressing up, pumpkins and other horrifying decorations on porches and in windows – it’s impossible to avoid. So, rather than being that business that takes itself too seriously and tries to avoid Halloween with the lights off and door locked shut… embrace it! Why not?

It’s not a case of rebranding your whole website during the Halloween period, just some simple design tweaks. A spider here, a pumpkin there… perhaps even some super scary wording to give users a little unsuspected fright. Get into the spirit of things…. instead of seeing the 31st of November as something to steer clear of, view Halloween as an opportunity to shake things up. 🕸️

Spooky Social Media

Nothing builds a buzz quite like integrated marketing efforts. So copy the ‘Halloweenified’ trends from your logo and site across your social media platforms too! You can get in the spirit of Halloween by modifying banners, imagery, icons, the content you are posting and more. You could even run a fresh creepy campaign like you would for other big events.

Get creative across all your platforms to show all your audiences that you’re fun-loving and down with the times. This naturally helps build the character of your brand with a sense of fresh appeal. You can also use creative hashtags relative to your business to try and increase the amount of traffic finding your brand. This can build your amount of social followers, help find new potential customers, and spread your messages to people who you are yet to communicate with. The possibilities are endless! 🕷️

Halloween Themed Products

You can also get in the spooktacular spirit with the products that you offer. Think of the chocolate and sweet brands at this time of year, they’re decorated in special Halloween packaging that grab the attention of youngsters instantly. This is a great way to incentivise sales.

But what if my products aren’t for children? Children aren’t the only ones who love getting in the spirit. Look at Costa Coffee for example, at this time of the year they release the highly demanded seasonal ‘Pumpkin Spiced Latte’. This massively boosts revenues during autumn for the high street firm, they’ve sold over 200 million units over the last 15 years! Yes…. 200 million! That’s over 13 million every year. Coincidence? I think not.

Alternatively, if this would be too time demanding to consider moving forward. Add a little festive creativity to the names of your products. Let’s say you sell red candles? that’s blood-red candles on halloween… 🧛


Deadly Deals and Discounts

Adding Halloween themed deals and discounts to your product line is another way you can drive sales during Halloween. Any time you attach deals to a special holiday, it’s a great way to resonate with your target market. Scare them in rather than away with a bloodcurdling bargain! If you perform this tactic successfully, who knows…. you could be the Christmas and Coca-Cola relationship of Halloween. Spooky!

Creepy Contest or Giveaway

Better yet, let the customers have something for free! Post a contest across social media or a general appreciation giveaway to drive demand over Halloween. This could be a prize for the best costume or the best Halloween decor… you can even make the competition relevant to your brand for free promotion.

Everyone loves the chance to win something…. If you encourage everyone to get involved and new audiences are successfully engaging with your brand – this is a great way of promoting yourself and getting even more business. An idea could be to give away branded Halloween themed trick or treat bags with various different good to have goodies inside.


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