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As the 2019 festive celebrations of both Christmas and New Year have come to an end, it’s not only the beginning of a new year, but of an entire new decade. We hope everyone is feeling refreshed, re-energised and ready to go! If not, it’s now time to replace the Prosecco with a mousepad, roll up your sleeves and make 2020 your b*tch.

A new year often brings new resolutions, new goals, and quite often a new you. But did we think there would potentially be a new Instagram too? We’re here to tell you that big plans are on the way for the social platform to head in a different direction than the one we’re used to.

So how should we react to ensure we not only maintain revenues, but improve them? This blog post gives detailed insight into the upcoming 2020 changes for Instagram and how you can make the most of it for supercharged business growth.


Instagram Shopping!

For many businesses, Instagram has been used as a significant promotion tool for a number of years, influencing audiences and promoting brands. However, could Instagram’s latest planned feature be the biggest game-changer yet? We think so.

In the US, Instagram has recently released the Instagram Shopping feature, allowing customers to not only browse across products… but purchase them with the push of a button! Customers can now check out in-app using Instagram Checkout. This allows your customers to purchase their favourite products without navigating elsewhere.

What does this mean for your business? It’s MUCH easier to drive sales using Instagram. To make more money from Instagram, ensure that you share your favourite products through organic posts and Instagram Stories. If someone comes across your posts and finds a product that they desire, they can simply tap the product tag on your post to be taken directly to a product description page.

Here, audiences from across the globe can find important product information; including images, product variations, descriptions, and the price. If they like what they see, they can purchase your products using Instagram Shopping. Easy money! Learn how to set up Instagram shopping here.


Hiding Instagram Likes… Yikes!

Instagram is now hiding likes in the US, and we’re sure this plan will eventually hit UK users and change the way we use the app. The purpose of removing likes is in aim to decrease online bullying and refocus energy into posting high-quality content that isn’t based around social reactions. Is this a good or a bad call? We’ll have to wait and see!

People can still like posts, and the post owner can see how many people like content, but nobody else can. We suspect influencers are going to take a huge hit, but what about brands? It would be easy for your brand to panic at this stage from a potential lack of social proofing, yet we see this as a mere challenge to step up your engagement game!

Fortunately, you still have comments that can boost your arsenal. Look to respond to user comments, and focus on how you can still create engagement by driving reactions and opinions amongst your audience.

Likes still exist yet remain hidden, so we suspect users will continue hitting the heart button to bump you up on those algorithms. As you can still see the likes, new and old post performance can still be easily compared and contrasted to ensure you’re doing the right things! So keep doing what you’re doing… just add a little engagement sauce in the Instagram mix to ensure you adapt with the times.


Paid Instagram Ads

Whether you’re looking to prospect new customers or remarket to old ones, Instagram can be the perfect tool to help you achieve your business objectives – whatever they may be! Using Instagram adverts can help you communicate to your ideal customer profile, at the ideal time, in an ideal way.

This could be a Sponsored Photo Ad that pops up onto someone’s newsfeed, a Video Ad that paints a picture of a thousand words, or an Instagram Story that persuades potential customers to browse through all your best selling products at the touch of a button. The possibilities with Instagram are huge.

But… this isn’t always a simple process as campaigns need to be set up correctly. One thing you MUST get right when creating a paid Instagram campaign is to ALWAYS reach the right audience. Crystal clear targeting helps your messages find the perfect people that will love your products and engage with your ad, boosting the chances of success from the very start. A clear target audience understanding also helps you design custom content that your customers will love.

Without clear targeting, you’ll simply waste your advertising budget on people that don’t find your products or services appealing. The hard-earned cash that you spend in the hope to equate into business growth is setting you back – and money is being wasted rather than propelling you forward.


Social Media Business Growth

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