The team at Circulate Digital are extremely excited to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for Best Digital Campaign at the MPA Inspiration Awards 2021!

As an audience-first digital agency, we’re committed to tapping into our clients’ customer bases and analysing their consumer behaviours in order to design a bespoke campaign guaranteed to drive solid results.

This is what we did for our client, AYM Studios, with our Black Friday strategy – the campaign that got us nominated! Read more to find out how our team of experts did it.

What are the MPA Inspiration Awards?

The Manchester Publicity Association (MPA) Inspiration Awards aim to recognise digital marketing teams, strategies and campaigns that uphold the core values of the institution – inspiration, collaboration and celebration. 

We’re thrilled to be competing with some of the very best in digital marketing in and around Manchester in the ‘Best Digital Campaign’ category.

Which campaign are we nominated for?

We have been nominated for the ‘Turn Off The Lights’ campaign we created for our client AYM Studios, a sustainable fashion brand.

In a nutshell, the aim of the campaign was to create a sense of exclusivity for an international sale. To achieve this, we needed to have the AYM website appear less accessible than other vendors. We did this by locking the website behind a password in order to subvert traditional sales expectations.

Although a risky move, the campaign exceeded expectations! We broke all previous daily sales records by 251%, gained a 74% increase Year on Year and generated a 14:1 ROAS.

How did we do it?

In November 2020, AYM wanted to increase their Black Friday sales performance year-on-year. To achieve this, we created the ‘Turn Off The Lights’ campaign, and designed the following three-phase strategy to achieve it:

Phase 1: Pre-Launch Awareness

At the start of November, we revealed that the Black Friday sale would only be open to VIPs – and only email subscribers would get the chance to become a VIP. The purpose behind our ads became solely to drive email sign-ups.

Phase 2: Activation

This phase involved completely closing off the AYM website to customers just ONE day prior to the Black Friday sale. We also upped the ante with the number of ads we were using.

We then offered customers two different options on a landing: enter your VIP password, or sign up to emails to get the chance to be a VIP. At the opening of the sale, we emailed all subscribers with their exclusive VIP password – and ran the entire campaign behind that password.

Phase 3: Post-VIP Campaign

This campaign targeted general sales. We removed the password lock, and AYM had a smaller sale on any leftover stock. We used urgency messaging to target customers who hadn’t become VIPs to emphasise the final sales countdown.

Thanks to our innovation and the incredible hard work from our team of Paid Social experts, the campaign performed extremely well and delivered some fabulous results for AYM.

“We've been working with Circulate for almost 2 years now. It's been an incredible journey with them. Circulate's team are personable and always helpful, going above and beyond to support you. Circulate have been instrumental in our company growth over the past 2 years.”

AlieFounder & CEO at AYM

What’s next for Circulate?

We continue to work closely with our fantastic clients to create and deliver record-breaking campaigns as our agency continues to scale. If you’re interested in optimising your strategy to achieve maximum results, get in contact with our lovely team and we’ll be in touch.

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