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Basil & Grape

From 0-5k users in the first 3 months

Who are Basil & Grape?

Basil & Grape is the latest and greatest addition to the collection of quirky restaurants in Croydon; specialising in intense Italian food, amazing ambience and wonderful wine selections.

The team at B&G came to Circulate with a brand new website that required optimisation to attract more local customers online. So that’s exactly what we did.

Why SEO?

Unless you use a specialist SEO agency like Circulate Digital for your website building needs, it’s common that a brand new website requires SEO expertise to improve visibility and attract new customers.

To help B&G kick off their fresh new website with instant online success, we devised a performance-driven local SEO strategy that magnified Basil & Grape’s visibility in search engines. In the first month alone, we supercharged restaurant bookings by attracting almost 2,500 users to the site.

#1 rankings for restaurant in croydon

As they say, the cream always rises… but in this case; it was the Basil and the Grapes! We ensured B&G ranked highly in the local map pack through an optimised Google My Business account.

To also rank at the summit for a number of target keywords – we finetuned the website into an SEO machine. This includes the #1 spot for three terms that had a combined monthly search volume of 3,000 users.

We evolve with the times

By amplifying the number of delivery sales through a precisely implemented Deliveroo campaign, we ensured Basil & Grape’s revenue streams were not overly affected by lockdown and COVID-19.

When you can’t eat out, you have to eat in. Our team flexibly switched up our strategy to ensure food lovers in Croydon had the finest pizzas delivered to their doorstep.

We continue to build awareness and bookings for Basil & Grape using a multi-channel approach, ensuring that they are are evolving their brand and taking Italian dining to the next level.

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