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Pay-Per-Click is one of the most effective and measurable forms of digital advertising. The name is pretty self explanatory, really. You place your ad through a range of targeting options – whether it be through paid search, remarketing or display – and you only pay for any clicks through to your website.

You’re able to control how much you spend on each click and set an overall budget, so you’ll never spend more than you’d like to.

Why us?

Industry-leading campaigns from a certified Google Partner PPC Agency. We specialise in paid search that converts.

Using targeted keywords and sophisticated bidding strategies you can unlock a market that it takes other businesses years to crack.

The best Google Ads campaigns are structured well from the outset in a manner that helps them grow and evolve. Whilst your campaigns are running, they’ll go through a constant cycle of optimisation and improvement. The aim is to deliver more clicks with more potential, but at a lower Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

Display Advertising

Display Ads, often thought of as Banner Ads, are adverts shown on other websites or Apps. The Ads are usually made up of text, images or videos and are designed to encourage a web user to click through to a landing page.

Display Ads can target users based on their interests and demographics or can be set to show on web pages that contain specific keywords or a given URL (placement targeting).

Google Shopping

Google Shopping allows users to search for different products online comparing and contrasting prices, styles & more. We ensure all users can access your products too, helping you compete with all the big guns.

Using a well structured strategy is vital to ensure your products are showing for the right searches that are going to yield results for you, so its a great job this is something we specialise in.

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