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Data analysis. Project management. Keyword Research. So much to do, so little time.

Digital marketing can be a tough space to operate in. However, luckily, there are some fantastic tools that can help you achieve your goals. Here are some of our favourites:




What is SEMRush?

SEMRush is a platform that provides online visibility and marketing analytics software subscriptions.


What is SEMRush used for?


  • Keyword research (paid and organic)
  • Keyword management (position tracking, visibility, cannibalization, keyword generator)
  • Monitoring site health
  • Competitor insights
  • Backlink analysis
  • Brand monitoring
  • Content auditing and suggestions
  • Custom reporting


What are the benefits of SEMRush?


  • User friendly
  • Scaleable
  • Provides insights on both organic and paid search
  • Helps make data-driven decisions


How much does SEMRush cost?

For the most basic of access to SEMRush, it is free. However, as with many subscriptions models, the free version only provides you with very limited access. In order to tap into the full SEMRush suite and get the most out of it – a paid subscription is needed.

There are various plan options available, giving you the flexibility to only pay for what you need. The pricing is also very competitive, starting from $99 p/m.



SEMRush is a fantastic digital marketing tool for anybody who is running campaigns – be that for an agency or in house.

Access SEMRush here >>




What is Forecast?

Forecast is a platform that provides a system for project management… and as the name suggests, forecasting.


What is Forecast used for?


  • Project progress and management
  • Custom reporting
  • Budgeting (time and financial)
  • Tracking time
  • Team collaboration
  • Resource management
  • Forecasting capacity


What are the benefits of Forecast?


  • Time-saving automation processes
  • Custom reporting (great for internal and external use)
  • Ensure the smooth running of projects
  • Different access levels for stakeholders (managers, staff, clients etc)


How much does Forecast cost?

As with many SAAS subscriptions these days, Forecast operates a ‘per seat’, or ‘per user’ pricing structure. This means that you essentially pay a fee for each member of your team who you’d like to have access to the platform.

Considering all of the functionality that Forecast provides, the pricing is very fair.



As a tool, Forecast is one that really can change your business for the better. The automation and scoping solutions allow you to streamline operations, ensuring that you are working in a profitable way.

Access Forecast here >>


Google Search Console


What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a web service by Google which allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimise visibility of their websites. Previously called Google Webmaster Tools (up until 2015) the platform provides detailed analysis on the performance of a site, detailing any errors and identifying opportunities for improvement.


What is Google Search Console used for?


  • Confirms that Google can find and crawl your site
  • Fixing indexing problems and requesting re-indexing of new or updated content
  • View Google Search traffic data – impressions, clicks, CTR and avg’ position on both pages and queries
  • Highlight indexing, spam, or other issues on your site
  • Link analysis
  • Identify AMP issues
  • Robots.txt optimisations


What are the benefits of Google Search Console?


  • Completely free
  • Data from the platform you’re working on (providing optimising for Google is your primary aim)
  • Great data filtering options
  • Regular new features


How much does Google Search Console cost?

As the age-old saying goes… “Nothing in life comes for free – APART FROM GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE”



It goes without saying, that when running a digital marketing campaign, GSC is not an option. It’s an absolute certainty. The platform provides incredible insights into current performance and ways to improve your online marketing – oh, and did we mention that IT’S FREE!

Access Google Search Console here >>




What is Supermetrics?

Supermetrics is a business analytics software, or “data grabber.” It pulls data from various platforms such as Google Analytics and your social media channels allowing you to automate data reports.


What is Supermetrics used for?


  • Cross-channel reporting
  • Budget pacing
  • Connecting multiple data sources
  • Cross-account data collection
  • Alerts for performance and budget


What are the benefits of Supermetrics?


  • Automation saves time
  • Cross-platform data reporting offers greater insights and visibility
  • User-friendly/client-friendly reporting made easy
  • Customised data reports


How much does Supermetrics cost?

The cost of Supermetrics is based upon the number of users/licenses and the level of access that you require. The free version offers very basic access; however, the Pro Version (at $69 per month) offers a lot of functionality, so that you can connect multiple data sources and build insightful, cross-channel reports.

You can save money on whichever Supermetrics package you require by paying annually, rather than monthly.



If you’re working across multiple marketing platforms and require data connectivity – which you should – then Supermetrics is definitely the software for you. The competitive pricing and broad functionality allow you to gain insights from multiple marketing channels all in one place, making for more refined, profitable campaigns.

Access Supermetrics here >>




What is ContentKing?

ContentKing is a tool that keeps track of your website 24/7 so that you can monitor unexpected changes and issues before search engines and visitors do.


What is ContentKing used for?


  • Monitoring unexpected website changes
  • Auditing website health and identifying on-page issues


What are the benefits of ContentKing?


  • Regular site crawls to identify unexpected issues quickly and efficiently
  • Email notifications to flag any errors
  • Extremely user-friendly platform
  • Can crawl up to 10,000,000 URLs per project
  • Easy to segment areas of a site


How much does ContentKing cost?

ContentKing’s pricing model is based on the number of pages that need to be monitored across all of your websites – the more pages – the higher the price. However, luckily the pricing isn’t too steep.

As the level of your plan increases, you also gain access to longer data retention and advanced features, such as software integrations and support from their team.



ContentKing is a very user-friendly way of tracking errors and updates on your website. The crawl regularity and email notifications allow you to ensure that websites are maintained following search engines best practice guidelines.

Access ContentKing here >>

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