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Outsourcing your digital marketing can have a huge list of benefits and impacts on your business. In this article, we explain how and why.


1. A team of marketing experts for the cost of one

The most valuable asset to hiring a digital marketing agency is the expertise an agency can bring to your business. Most agencies are built out in teams, such as SEO, PPC, Paid Social, and content creation who dedicate their time and expertise to a specific area of marketing. 

Having an agency on board with a diverse set of experience, expertise and skills will help to implement the best-integrated marketing strategies on the most valuable platforms for your business.


2. Reduce fixed costs

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Typically, outsourcing your marketing to an agency can save you money in multiple areas of your business – the first being overhead costs. It may feel like an expense when having to factor in management fees on top of your spending, but this will likely cost less than it would for the overheads!

Secondly, hiring marketing professionals can be more cost-effective because they have the knowledge and experience to ensure you are spending money on the right platforms. Spending £1,000 on a strategic marketing campaign will be more valuable to your business than boosting a social media post in the hope of reaching your target audience. That’s why, when using the experts, it often costs more, but ultimately helps your marketing budgets go much further. 


3. Work more efficiently

Building a marketing team within your business can be a lengthy and expensive process. Using an agency can save time from finding talent, hiring staff and training them up. With fewer employees to manage, you can spend more time focusing on other areas of your business and allocate your time and resources more effectively.


4. Fresh Perspective

A key highlight to outsourcing your marketing is getting that fresh, new perspective upon how you should market your business. Looking at your business and marketing efforts from a fresh pair of eyes can help to accelerate your marketing efforts with fresh creative opinions and approaches. An agency will not be blind to anything that is not working for you, and there won’t be any internal bias around how your marketing plan is executed.


5. Adhere to marketing best practices

Best practice around how campaigns are executed, optimised and analysed, can change often, and sometimes without warning. What was typically the best way to target an audience one week, can be redundant and ineffective the next. Using an agency will keep you on top of the best practices used in all areas of digital marketing, especially for Paid Social and PPC. Keeping on top of these trends will ensure you are one step ahead of your competitors, and that’s exactly what forward-thinking agency professionals bring to your team!


6. Insight into recent trends and resources

Performance-driven digital marketing agencies are kept up to date on the latest online trends and tools. They have emerged in the digital world so much so that they know what platforms are going to be worth investing in, and what to leave behind.

Not only that, agencies will also be partnered up with Google, Facebook and other platforms to make sure that their staff are fully qualified and skilled-up to implement the most effective and efficient strategies in line with the current trends.=


7. Providing recommendations to suit your business

One key advantage to an agency is the knowledge they have around the different platforms and where to spend your money. Looking at your marketing strategy from an outside perspective will provide the most cost-effective and result-driven recommendations for your business. 

If you can find an agency that provides a holistic approach to marketing, their recommendations will be based on a wealth of experience and be the most suitable for your product or services. It’s a win, win situation that is often overlooked within internal marketing teams!


8. Leveraging flexibility

Another one of the benefits of hiring an agency is the flexibility that comes with it. If you are unhappy with a certain partnership, or are not happy with the results you are getting, you can simply hire another agency. With employees, this can sometimes be an awkward and difficult situation to be in, and for marketing managers, it can cause great stress and frustration. 


9. Accelerate growth

If you are wanting to expand your brand awareness, you need to look at expanding your market share. Not only is this essential in regards to keeping up with your competitors, but also to increase revenue. Using an agency with a growth-focused mindset will help to ensure that you are covering all avenues. They will be able to provide a holistic approach to your business, which will benefit your marketing, but may also benefit the way you operate your business.


10. Get results

Using an agency will provide you with tangible data that shows you are getting results.

Agencies will typically provide you with regular reports, ensure all your conversions are tracked and use this data to optimise their marketing campaigns. This will provide you with all the visibility you need to see how they are helping your business grow. It is in an agency’s best interest to provide the data, and reporting, to keep your custom! And you can use this to your advantage, to ensure you are reaching your business and revenue targets. 


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