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Google Shopping ads are the perfect way to place your products in front of high-interest users that are looking to purchase your products.

Formerly known as “Product Listing Ads”, Google Shopping ads have become a profitable marketing tool for e-commerce businesses all over the world. As more and more people turn to search engines to shop online.

As an award-winning digital marketing agency that specialises in Google Shopping ads, we use a data-driven approach across Google shopping campaigns for our range of clients that all strive towards the bottom line: driving sales.

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    Circulate’s approach to Google Shopping ads.


    We live and breathe data! As an award-winning Google Shopping Ads agency, we understand the importance of data and use it to keep your strategy as accurate as possible. We use a range of tools that harvest all the relevant data to craft and optimise your unique Google shopping campaigns that are completely bespoke to your business’ unique KPIs and goals.

    Measurable results.

    Our Google Shopping experts have mastered the art of campaign setup and continued optimisation of your account. Being Google partners, we make sure your Google Shopping campaigns are running smoothly and are being shown to the right people at all times, driving huge revenue for your business.

    As a highly measurable marketing channel, the success of your Google Shopping campaigns is presented to you in a transparent manner. We easily define and present your campaign results clearly so you can see the exact return on investment you are getting with Circulate.


    As with all our services, our paid media experts focus on your target audience first and foremost. Before they even start thinking about building out your campaigns, our Google ads specialists conduct thorough research into your industry, existing customers, target audience and your competitors’ tactics.

    Investing initial time into understanding your brand and industry completely lets us make full use of your budget by only showing your Google Shopping ads to the most relevant people that are most likely to buy what you’re selling.

    Optimisation of Shopping feeds.

    When it comes to Google Shopping campaigns, our paid media team know that extra attention and focus needs to go into the optimisation of your shopping feeds. The key is our careful initial planning and utmost organisation.

    Just one of many examples is making sure products in Google Shopping feeds are well organised by breaking all your products up into different categories such as ‘best sellers’ and so on can have a ripple effect on how smoothly your campaign will go and how easily it can be optimised in order to get the best results possible.

    Alongside the meticulous optimisation of feeds, our experts carry out regular, consistent optimisation on all our client accounts with data at the forefront of all our strategies.

    Our paid media team is always on top of the latest trends and insights and are continuously revising your strategies in line with the ever-changing digital landscape to harvest the best results possible for your brand.

    Shopping Ads results that speak for themselves.


    The Children’s Hospital Charity

    144% increase in web donations

    Bathrooms By Design.

    71% Increase in lead generation.

    Circulate have completely transformed our approach to digital marketing and most importantly created a foundation that allows us to scale the business.

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    Recognised Shopping Ads Expertise.

    Your budget is in safe hands

    Our award-winning paid team are certified in Google Shopping management and in the last decade have carved out a data-driven approach to Google Shopping campaigns. Our team of experts have years of experience in crafting and executing high-performing Google Shopping campaigns that combine business data with detailed customer insights that are streamlined into our results-driven strategies.

    Circulate Digital provides the gold standard of digital to all our clients and the results we generate speak for themselves. We continually monitor and fine-tune your Google Shopping campaigns, applying advanced optimisation techniques to ensure higher visibility and effective allocation of your overall budget, maximising performance and improving ROI.

    Google Shopping helps your brand grow

    Google Shopping advertising differs from other forms of paid search in a number of ways. With traditional search ads, our Google Experts target specific topics and search phrases, bidding for a search impression share with the aim to generate high-intent clicks to your site.

    With Shopping Ads, a product feed is added to upload data that determines what searches your product is placed for. If optimised correctly, this feed will make sure your listings are visible in search engines to the correct customers in a manner that helps them find your products with ease.

    The highest quality titles and descriptions that are entirely optimised are key to whether a product ad gets shown in the right place, or shown at all. Shopping feeds can also incorporate trust factors such as review stars and product information such as size in order to draw more attention to what can be a highly competitive space.

    Smart shopping campaigns allow our paid media experts to automatically pull product data from a feed. This can then be used to create Google Shopping ads that can be continually optimised for the highest possible return on your investment.

    Google Shopping ads management.

    Our Google experts use an integrated approach to campaign management, working closely with members from other teams in order to optimise and perfect your Shopping feed. This helps to increase the relevance of ads we are showing for the ultimate aim of driving more sales.

    When it comes to Google Shopping campaign management, we focus on the ROI of your shopping campaigns by using intelligent bidding that is always driven by up-to-date data. By choosing Circulate, you can rest assured you’re getting the most out of your digital advertising budget.

    As a leading Google Shopping agency, we have a deep understanding of the Google Marketing Platform and have a strong working relationship with Google and Bing. As a dedicated Google Partner, our quick two-way communication allows our experts to manage and solve any potential problems your account may face with ease.

    Our Shopping experts operate any campaign with one ultimate goal; generating a significant return on ad spend to sell more products and help your business grow.

    Reporting & insights.

    Everything we do is backed by data. See your brand grow before your eyes using our custom dashboards. We display your campaign results clearly with all the key metrics you need so you can sit back and marvel at your success.

    Your dedicated account manager will send you weekly performance updates and monthly reports with key successes and upcoming tasks that the team are working hard on so you’re always in the loop about the results that are being achieved and what improvements are being made to your account.

    Our friendly team love to build strong working relationships and answer any questions you may have in more detail over regular video call catch-ups. These meetings are a fantastic way to gain deeper insight into your business and upcoming projects, giving us more opportunities for optimisation for your campaigns.

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    How effective are Google Shopping Ads?

    Google Shopping Ads can be a very effective marketing tool if done correctly by a paid media expert because you are able to reach the right shoppers at the right time when they are looking for what you’re selling on a search engine.

    What are the benefits of Google Shopping Ads?

    If you have products to sell, there are some fantastic benefits of using Google Shopping Ads, such as huge visibility for your products, broader reach for your ads, greater advertising ROI and better-qualified leads.