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Meta ads are ads served on a platform owned by Meta, namely Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp. It is a comprehensive advertising platform that allows businesses and brands to reach their target audience through the Metaverse.

Meta now has over 3 billion daily active users, spanning all age ranges, backgrounds, genders and demographics, making it a perfect platform for your brand to reach new audiences, push your products or services and raise brand awareness.

Our team of Meta Ads experts has a proven track record of delivering outstanding results for our clients. We understand which platforms customers are using the most and use advanced targeting and data analytics to reach the right audience at the right time, leading to higher conversion rates and a boost in sales.



Our team of Meta Ads specialists work hard to understand your business goals before tailoring a performance-driven strategy that strives to achieve them. Not only do we provide industry-leading Meta ads for your business, but we also have the industry's best way of reporting their results to you.

As a leading Meta Ads agency, we invest in a vast range of tools so our ad experts have everything they need to gather, extract, analyse and compare data from a range of different sources. This helps to drive the best possible results for your business through the continuous optimisation of your ad campaigns.

We create fully customised dashboards that report on absolutely everything you want to see and more. This dashboard can be accessed by you anytime, anywhere, which eliminates the issue of you having to wait for anyone to get back to you when you want to find out a metric or piece of data about your business. Our dashboards use API’s to connect to Meta Ads so that you have everything you need in one place. Not only that, your assigned account manager will provide you with weekly updates and feedback on what we’ve been working on.



ROAS up 57% in year one, with Meta Ads revenue increasing by 34%

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Targeted Meta Ad campaigns.

At Circulate, we don’t just want you to gain leads from your Meta ads, we want them to turn into loyal, returning customers.

We narrow down your target audience and create highly personalised and tailored ad campaigns that resonate with your audience. This level of targeting ensures that the ad content reaches the right people, increasing the likelihood of engagement, conversions, and overall campaign success.

Captivating Meta Ad creatives.

Captivating Meta ad creatives are essential for grabbing users’ attention and driving engagement. Meta ads offer various creative formats, including images, videos, carousels, and interactive elements, allowing advertisers to showcase their brand, products, or services in compelling ways.

Our creative experts craft tailor-made, stunning creatives that will captivate your audience and drive clicks to your site.

Click-worthy copy.

Click-worthy copy for Meta ads is crucial for enticing users to take action and click on your ad. Effective ad copy should be concise, compelling, and tailored to resonate with your target audience. It should grab attention, generate curiosity, and communicate a clear value proposition.

Our copywriting team will create a well-crafted headline that immediately captures users’ attention, along with body copy that provides relevant information that further entices users to click through.

Optimised post-click experience.

Circulate doesn’t only create compelling content with captivating creatives for Meta ads, but we go that extra mile to ensure the post-click experience of your Meta ad is as it should be.

We ensure that the landing page is optimised for conversions, with clear call-to-actions and good user experience, convincing your Meta ads audience to convert on your site.

Measurable, straightforward results.

Meta ads offer measurable and straightforward results, allowing us to track the success of your campaigns with clarity and precision. Through the platform’s robust analytics and reporting tools, we can access comprehensive data on key metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and cost-per-action.

Not only this, but we also provide you with a fully customised data dashboard, so you can track your Meta ads performance anytime, anywhere.


What channels can I advertise on with Meta Ads?

The primary channels available for advertising with Meta ads include Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

Facebook provides a huge user base and allows you to take advantage of its powerful targeting capabilities to reach specific demographics.

Instagram, due to its visual nature, is perfect for showcasing your brand and its products through scroll-stopping image and video ads.

What is the cost structure for Meta Ads?

The cost structure for Meta ads is based on an auction system, where advertisers bid for their ads to be shown to their target audience.

The exact cost of running Meta ads depends on various factors, including the bidding strategy, ad quality, audience targeting, and competition within your target market.

Advertisers can set a budget for their campaigns, specifying the maximum amount they are willing to spend on a daily or lifetime basis.

Are there any Meta Ad creative guidelines or restrictions?

Meta Advertising has strict policies around banned content, including restrictions on fake or deceptive claims, offensive & inappropriate content, illegal products or services, and certain sensitive topics.

Brands need to review and comply with these policies to ensure their ad content meets the platform’s guidelines.

Can I integrate Meta Ads with other marketing platforms?

Yes, it is possible to integrate Meta Ads with other marketing platforms, allowing you to create a cohesive and integrated marketing strategy. Meta Ads provides several integration options and tools to streamline your advertising efforts and enhance cross-platform marketing effectiveness.
For example, you can integrate Meta Ads with your CRM system or email marketing software to synchronise audience data and retarget users across multiple channels.

Why choose Circulate for Meta Ads?

Circulate takes a holistic approach to advertising, considering your entire marketing strategy. Our experts understand how Meta Ads can complement your overall marketing strategy and work in synergy with other channels and tactics.

Also, Circulate provides detailed and comprehensive campaign reporting, offering insights into key metrics and performance indicators. Our reporting allows you to track the effectiveness of your campaigns, understand audience engagement, and measure your return on ad spend.

Do Meta Ads have high engagement?

Meta Ads have the potential to generate high engagement due to the vast user base and diverse targeting options available on the platform. With billions of active users across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, Meta ads provide brands with a wide reach and the opportunity to connect with their target audience.

By utilising advanced targeting capabilities and creating compelling ad content, advertisers can effectively capture users’ attention and drive engagement.

What companies are Meta Ads best suited for?

Meta ads are perfect for brands of all types. Meta ads provide a great platform for reaching and engaging with your target audience. You can show off your products, run promotional campaigns and retarget website visitors to increase sales, making Meta ads the go-to for brands.

If you’re a brand looking for a Meta ads partner then get in touch today.

How can I find my audience with Meta ads?

At Circulate, we delve into both your data and your competitor’s data to define your ideal target audience. If you already have a customer database, we can use Meta ads’ custom audience feature. This will allow you to target previous customers in a remarketing campaign or find users similar.

We can also find your target audience using custom avatars to target users based on their interests. Finally, utilising new AI technologies, we’re able to allow Meta’s algorithm to find your target audience using the type of creative we use as the signal. This allows us to target more broadly and have a higher emphasis on the creative and aesthetic feel of the ad to drive performance.

How will Meta ads improve my overall marketing?

Due to its enhanced targeting, Meta ads can add a new edge to your digital marketing strategies. This precision targeting ensures that your ads are shown to the right people who are more likely to be interested in your products or services.

By reaching the right audience, you can improve the efficiency of your marketing and increase the likelihood of conversions. This allows you to upload your customer list or integrate it with your CRM system.

Do you provide other digital marketing services?

We are a full-service digital marketing agency providing a range of marketing services that can support your campaigns. Our services consist of:

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