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I scroll through Facebook daily and I’m not the only one – as of February 2021, there are 50.76 million Facebook in the United Kingdom, according to Statista. This is 6.23 million more than the number of Facebook users, in February 2020.

With Facebook showing no signs of slowing down, how do you, as an advertiser, take advantage of this? A lot goes into making a successful Facebook paid social advertisement, from targeting, engaging image or video, to compelling copy.

It’s no hidden secret that Facebook has the best targeting across advertising platforms, with its ability to segment users based on demographics, interests and behaviours. So you’ve reached your intended audience… now how do you get those clicks and consequently, conversions?

Write to your audience

You’ve chosen your selected audience and have an ideal persona of the person you’re targeting. From this, it’s crucial to advertise to that specific audience.

Don’t treat your advertisement like a billboard, treat it like a personalised message.

Match your copy to your visual asset

When scrolling through a newsfeed or browsing stories, the visual is the first item your eyes divert to. So, you have successfully caught someone’s attention to the point where they watch your video or stop and take in your graphic, what next? Entice them further by describing what the visual asset is about.

Have a sale on tops? Let them know! Is this visual the launch of a new product? Tell them!

Keep it short but valuable

You will know more than anyone that the advertisements that grab attention are the ones that tell you exactly what they’re about in as few characters as possible.

What does someone get out of the advertisement? How will it benefit them? Answer as many questions as possible in as few words as you can.

Copywriting is not high-end literature

Keep your copy simple. Maybe you fancied yourself as a poet whilst at university, but this won’t help your performance. The main aim of your copy should be that anyone that can read, can understand it at first glance.

It should be easy to understand so the user knows:

What it’s about?
What it will do for them?
How can they get the service or product?
It’s a numbers game
If it’s a physical product or a service which you’re happy disclosing the price of, shout about it. Think, if you went to a car dealership, what’s the most important information for you as the customer? The price.

However, this is not always the case. If you have a high-end product but are advertising to those with less disposable income, it can be more beneficial to hide the price until you have expanded upon the benefits that the product will give them as a customer.

Test test test

Test your ad copy. Just because you think it’s engaging and groundbreaking ad copy does not mean that it is. It’s crucial to test multiple variations of copy so that you can fine-tune it.

Sometimes it helps to have a third party check your ad copy or pitch in the creative process. This is because sometimes you can become too involved and miss subtle opportunities which can benefit your ads. Anyone can help, from a co-worker to family and friends.

Be relevant

In the current landscape, relevancy is more important than anything. With Covid-19 restrictions changing every few months, you can capitalise on this within your messaging. Selling a car? Advertise that by using your product, customers can travel for exercise in lockdown.

With the average consumer seeing hundreds of advertisements a day it’s crucial to make yours relatable. Keeping ahead of trends will allow you to produce copy in advance whilst also staying ahead of your competitors.

Learn from your competitors

They’re your competitors for a reason. Once you have identified your competitors, you can see what copy they’re using and see if you can adapt it for your needs.

Final thoughts

Writing ad copy that sells is no easy feat. However, by using all these steps you’ll begin to master it!

Still looking for a bit of help with your Facebook advertising? Our experts are here to help. Contact us today to find out how we can maximise your results today.