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2020 was a fantastic year for Circulate Digital in which we saw huge levels of growth. Our team size increased by over 100% and our client base grew at a very similar level. We have hired industry leading individuals to take our results to the next level and defined our service offering to assist with our success.

As a specialist digital agency, we generate digital growth for premium, luxury & lifestyle brands.

Our passions have always revolved around premium, luxury and lifestyle products and services, so it was an obvious transition for us to focus our marketing expertise on these markets.

We also opened our new Manchester office space in late 2020 where our team of paid specialists are based. Alongside our PPC and Paid Social team over in Manchester, we have our Organic team based in our Sheffield office.

6 years after our inception, with a lot of blood, sweat and tears (metaphorical of course), many learnings, consistent results and expanding our presence in the digital space, it gives us great pleasure to announce the transition of roles for our co-founders.

In line with our continued success over the past years, Matt Daley is now CEO + Co-Founder and Danny Daley is now COO + Co-Founder of Circulate Digital.

This transition of roles will allow a more focussed strategy to continue our growth and expand our team, client base and office locations further. Matt and Danny had the following to say regarding their transitions;

Matt Daley

Stepping into the CEO position at Circulate brings a lot of opportunities for growth and where we take the business next.  As part of this transition, I will be moving towards taking more responsibility around the direction of the business, who we take on as clients, the staff environment and the financial steer of how we will be expanding over the coming years. I’ll also be keeping my head close to the ground on how we’re operating in terms of our delivery for our amazing clients.

It really makes sense separating our roles into CEO and COO and I feel that we both have very unique skills that will support the business within these new roles. It’s something that we have put a lot of thought and consideration into as we have expanded and I am personally really excited to see where we take our agency next.

Since launching Circulate it’s always been about offering a service that builds unbreakable relationships and sustainable growth and I want to ensure that we put more time into developing that further as I grow within this role.

Supporting the mental health of our team and clients is an area that we have put a lot of focus on throughout the global pandemic and our goal has hugely transitioned throughout the year to ensure that we are creating the best working environment for our employees who we really love and the clients that we support on a daily business when growing their brand.

Throughout 2021 we want to really push the growth in both of our agency locations to achieve our target revenue of £1m as a business, as we know this is going to open up a lot of opportunities for everyone at Circulate and the clients that we have on board.

2021 is going to be a year of growth for Circulate and we aim to strengthen our services to produce even more groundbreaking results for our clients. We also have some very exciting news in taking our own marketing to the next level, opening up a podcast to highlight what it’s like to run an agency and we will be documenting our journey to achieving our 2021 objectives.

Danny Daley

Since we started back in 2014, I have always had a steer on the operational side of our business. I remember in our first office when it was just myself and Matt, we had a wall of post-it notes and used them to prioritise tasks / organise our weeks! (Imagine two brothers arguing over who gets what task and who ends up with the fluorescent pink post-it) 6 years on and we now have some of the best tools on the market with a highly experienced team powering them to deliver the best possible service to our clients.

With regards to moving over to the COO position, maintaining quality and achieving industry leading results as we scale is something that I will be investing a lot of my time into. Rolling out new streamlined processes that enable our team to work to their full potential is part of this journey, along with enhancing our profile as an agency to position ourselves in front of our dream clients.

2021 is the year that as an agency, we focus on marketing our own brand as well as our clients. Over the years we have been so busy delivering our services to our client base that the Circulate brand has gone untouched, I believe that this is a common issue for many agencies.

Now that we have invested into a very highly skilled and experienced team, myself and Matt feel confident that we have all we need to maintain the very high service levels that we have set at circulate and can step away from delivery, focusing on our new positions to scale our brand sustainably.

As part of building our agency profile within the industry, we will also be promoting ourselves personally to showcase what it’s like running an agency as brothers, from different locations.

2021 is undoubtedly going to be our biggest year yet as an agency. We are bigger, stronger and now have clearly defined objectives to take this little independent agency global!

If you’re interested in working with Circulate, get in touch today to discuss how we can deliver incredible results for your business.