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Advertising on Linkedin allows hyper-specific targeting based on the exact personas you wish to communicate with.

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The LinkedIn Ads agency that drive b2b growth

As the professional network for all things business, careers and marketing, there’s no better place to hit your industry niche than on LinkedIn. With a user base built up of recognised businesses, influencers and authority figures, it’s the perfect place to build brand momentum, no matter your objective.

Our specialist LinkedIn ads agency helps you advertise to audiences actively looking to engage with your business’ offering. With over 750 million registered users worldwide, your ideal customer is guaranteed to be found through LinkedIn.

Users on LinkedIn notably hold two times the buying power than the average web audience, making the choice to advertise on there an extremely valuable one for a wide range of B2B industries.

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LinkedIn ad reporting and communications.

We use a range of tools such as Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Google Tag Manager and Supermetrics to name a few so our LinkedIn ad experts have everything they need to gather, extract, analyse and compare data. This helps us drive the best possible results for your business by continually optimising your campaigns.

We display all this data in easy to understand live performance dashboards that you can use to reflect upon the impact it’s having on your business. We also provide weekly updates on tasks progress alongside monthly reports, and regular catchups to discuss key results and priorities.

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Our approach to LinkedIn ads.

Audience-first strategy.

Advertising on LinkedIn embraces the power of social media in a business to business space, helping to reach professional audiences through both demographic and industry targeting.

At Circulate Digital, we prioritise your audience above all else in order to offer your business the best results possible.

We create detailed personas of your target audience and take a number of different factors into account when targeting your customer base on LinkedIn, with a focus on professional data including job title, industry and their interests both inside and outside the workplace.

Data-driven decisions.

As an industry-leading LinkedIn ads agency that is entirely focused on driving amazing results, our team of ad experts always use a data-driven approach across a range of digital tools. This allows us to gather and analyse performance-based data for consistent optimisation of your LinkedIn ad campaigns.

With frequent optimisation and testing through a range of analytics platforms, our paid social experts are able to track results in real-time. The performance of your Linkedin ads is then displayed clearly within your customised reporting dashboards based on your KPIs.

Measurable results.

No matter the intended goal of your advertising campaigns, Circulate’s LinkedIn advertising experts can help you reach them. We carefully strategise every aspect of our business to business offering to drive the best results, helping you make the absolute most of your LinkedIn advertisement budget.

LinkedIn ads allow you to precisely break down the overall impact on your business from minute one. From impressions and clicks to overall ROI, you can easily define the success of your partnership with Circulate.

Persona-focused ad copy.

Our LinkedIn ad specialists work closely with our creative team in order to tailor and perfect your ad copy to make it truly scroll-stopping. Following in-depth audience, industry and competitor analysis, our talented copywriters craft high-quality ad copy that resonates perfectly with the audience your brand is targeting. This ensures that every single ad we promote perfectly represents your brand’s tone of voice and gets the highest level of engagement possible.

B2B and B2C targeting.

In both B2B and B2C scenarios, the success of your advertising campaigns rely on laser-accurate targeting with clear value offerings. Our paid social services on LinkedIn zone into niche audiences precisely in any industry, creating the perfect audience that will be highly interested in your product or service.

With the ability to target employees in different roles and industries, we then need to craft highly captivating messages that clearly offer value, and that’s exactly what our team of content specialists do to ensure your advertising budgets and ROI are being maximised.

Campaign optimisation & remarketing.

Using a specialist LinkedIn ads agency helps you generate more clicks, and most importantly, more conversions. With the right expertise, this all comes at a fraction of the cost, as our campaigns are constantly fine-tuned for maximum performance, getting you the best return on investment possible from your advertising investments.

Advertising isn’t always about prospecting new customers. As a Linkedin ads agency with years of experience, we also build the best remarketing campaigns for B2B targeting. Consistent communication and persuasive messages to those who have already visited your website is the ideal way to push customers further down the conversion funnel.

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Frontier Energy

Driving high ticket event sales through Linkedin ads

A worldwide pandemic meant in-person events were a no-go for Frontier Energy, our network-building client, so we set the objectives of driving ticket sales to online events during periods of lockdown.

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Why used LinkedIn ads?

The benefits of using a LinkedIn ads agency are endless. Thanks to the nature of the platform, profiles are kept extremely up to date, helping us hone in on your customer base with extreme precision.

A huge benefit for choosing LinkedIn is the numerous different types of advertising opportunities which include sponsored content, sponsored InMail, text ads and dynamic ads. A LinkedIn ads specialist from our team will be dedicated to deducing which method will work best for your campaign to generate high-quality leads and maximise your ROI from performance-based LinkedIn ads.

Why choose Circulate for Linkedin ads?

As a committed, multi-skilled LinkedIn ads agency, our team will use a wealth of knowledge and experience to design an extremely thorough campaign that meets the highest standards for your business’s overall marketing plan.

When working with us, you’ll also have the opportunity to take advantage of our LinkedIn ad retargeting services that will target high intent customers who have already interacted with your website and your content, delivering highly personalised messages that make all the difference in pushing customers through the conversion funnel.

As a specialist LinkedIn advertising agency, our team of experts will tailor your strategy with attention to detail in order to deliver fantastic results for your business.

With Circulate Digital, you’ll have access to an impressive range of expertise from every LinkedIn ad specialist in our team, who will work alongside you to ensure your bespoke campaign is performing to the very best of its ability and looks and sounds the part.

Why are LinkedIn ads suitable for B2B?

With over 750 million LinkedIn businesses and professionals worldwide, LinkedIn is the perfect platform for business to business advertising. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn allows our LinkedIn experts to target people based on what they do professionally instead of what they do in their personal lives.

If you’re looking for the ideal B2B advertising platform, LinkedIn is the place for you. Ultimately, it’s the minor details that dictate the success of your LinkedIn advertising investments, and that’s where our paid social specialists come in – finding the opportunities that can often be overlooked.

Do we offer other advertising services?

As an award-winning global agency, we offer clients a range of specialised services across a selection of paid social advertising platforms including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Spotify and more. We also offer a range of PPC services.

If you’d like a fully integrated approach to your marketing that will benefit your business, get in touch with us!

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